Triple Divorce Bill Law In India

2018-12-31T06:57:55.000Z Honest Cash

Teen talaq divorce bill or legislation has been passed in year Lok Sabha Parliament of India. For making it law,it needs to be passed in Rajya Sabha Parliament.

When it will be passed in Rajya Sabha Parliament then after the signature of president of india,it will become a law. Still BJP Central party ruling the government doesn't have a majority in the Rajya Sabha.

No one knows how it is teen Talaq bill concerning Muslim community will be passed. Normally in Muslim community if you are not satisfied with wife or you doesn't like him or you have a quarrel with the wife then simply by saying three times talaq then it will be official Talaq or divorce in Muslim community.

Many times without any reason muslim men given divorce like this to Muslim women.Muslim wives life has been destroyed. Muslim women suffer a lot because of this bad act. It be ome so common that many men have 4,5 or more wifes.

Teen Talaq bill or legislation is good step in relieving the suffering of Muslim women even after divorce,women doesn't get monetary benefit like that money from the side of husband. Husband does not give regular money to wife after divorce.

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