My gratitude to the person who brings me here on Honest.Cash, @oodeyaa

2019-01-27T07:22:11.000Z Honest Cash

Good morning dear community friends I am still celebrating my Successful journey here on platform so I want to send my special gratitude to the person who brings this opportunity to an ordinary college student I am completing my Intermediate and he given me an opportunity which changed my way of thinking and seeing the world and internet as an opportunity so it's a little surprise and gratitude to my brother @oodeyaa

Thank you sir for giving me this opportunity.

Friends here below I am adding the complete making progress in step by step way so you can enjoy the beautiful portrait making of @oodeyaa sir and I am very happy to share my beautiful gratitude in the shape of a surprise so he can enjoy the beauty of an art and hardworking of an artist. Friends I made this portrait on cartridge paper and started with the HB Pencil as I made the outline of the portrait and after the making of outline of the pic I washed the cartridge sheet do it's colour holding capacity can be increased and then started colouring with light tone and with easy hands so the colour and portrait will started get closer to my desired target, here you can enjoy all the making progress and steps after every new snapshot and in every step you can see that the colouring process get closer and closer to the actual and desired portrait. So dear friends it's a wonderful portrait of a handsome guy who is very kind and full of grace or you can say a man with golden heart who always ready to help you without thinking the profit and loss calculations and I hope you will enjoy the making process. Friends never forget to share your true reviews and spread your love on my post as I am still learning a lot from your reviews and suggestions.


RE: My gratitude to the person who brings me here on Honest.Cash, @oodeyaa

by @oodeyaa

Hey friend thank you for your love and respect, you are very special brother keep it up forever.

God bless you dear.