Making of Spiderman with Stadler Colour Pencil. Part 1.

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Friends good evening this is Raghao Singh from India, today I am making another and the most loving and famous superhero of The Avengers Seriesb their teammate and this time friends it’s the Spidy. Friends The Spiderman always attracts me as I am a big fan of this Superhero since my childhood and you can say I am crazy about his style and climbing the buildings.

Original image of The Spider Man from where this work is inspired.

Source: Image from Google.

Friends I made a video of this work as how I made this beautiful Spiderman, so enjoy it. It’s in three parts as this work is based on Stadler colour pencil and it’s always a time consuming and very tough task.

The process of making Spiderman.

Step by step realistic and timelapse artwork.

The process of making Spiderman. Step by step realistic artwork.

Process started with pencil sketching for accurate image of Spider-Man then I used watercolour to give it desired colours and finally used Stadler pencil it’s very smooth and easy to use to give the final touch we used blending stump on some places to make this artwork very beautiful and interesting, friends after couple of hours a beautiful Spiderman is ready for your awesome reviews so I can say that now work is finished.

Required material to draw this.

Cartridge sheet

Stadler colour pencils


Brush Round 0236

Tissue paper

Blending stump

Dear friends while making realistic artworks it’s always a big challenge that we are closer to the original and realistic work or not, friends I tried my best to give it my 100% so, please have a look on it and review my artwork because your beautiful comment and encouragement is like a blow of roses on my face.

Thank you.

For remaining videos and complete making process wait for another post.

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