Drawing an Indian Saint with Black pen.

2019-01-22T08:32:47.000Z Honest Cash

Good morning dear friends it's my black gel pen drawing and it's my favourite tool of making art. It's a pic of an Indian Saint and one of my friend send me this pic and it's looking very magnificent for me so it's my way of drawing this and here is the results of my efforts.

I started with pencil sketching of the Saint and tried to draw his face exact and then I completed it with my Black gel pen so here on above you will find all the step be step process of making this wonderful drawing. Share your opinion on my artwork.

Thank you.


RE: Drawing an Indian Saint with Black pen.

by @m4ktub

I know you've shared this over several other websites but have you tried to split the final picture from the making-of? You could share the picture first and then, after a while or a certain number of votes, share the making of. I feel that part is an extra for which people might pay a little more.

Obviously, what I'm describing is a sort of pay wall. It's just an idea for you to consider. It might have the opposite effect.

RE: RE: Drawing an Indian Saint with Black pen.

by @raghao

Wow what a wonderful idea dear friend/sir you given me a wonderful opportunity.

Thank you dear friend.