A gathering of, Laughter, Communion, Stories, Reflections, Memories, Signifies Friendship
Victorious - Poem Do you know who I am Do you know what I can be Do you see me I am Great I am Glorious I am Beautiful I see you You are Kind You are Generous You are me --by CE--
Dawn The music in my head starts So beautiful So peaceful So bright I am grateful for today I rise up to embrace Love all around Kindness in my heart Joy in my spirit I will be for today --by CE--
Pebble on the beach Waves crash over I will try again I will feel again I will be victorious Over and over again Day and night I will be there Never giving up I will remain I am strong I will conquer I am fearless I am a pebble --by CE--
Falling into tranquility Release Accept Be Back and forth Listen to the rhythm Escape in your destiny Hear your thoughts Be one with yourself Laugh, Play, Love, be Grateful --by CE--
Today I bloom I will fly Today I see myself I will be brave Today I am larger than life