Announcing the Satoshi Awards, Acapulco 2020 - the World’s first cryptocurrency awards with voting on the blockchain. The Satoshi Awards was launched live at Anarchapulco, 2019. Attendees of the event had first view of an exclusive conceptual, short film launching the first crypto awards ceremony of its kind. Since Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first bitcoin block in 2009, we’ve halved twice, gone to the Moon and back, and are now heading for Mars. A decade of rollercoasters, community achievements and technological breakthroughs that deserve recognition. Dedicated to all visionaries, anarchists, artists, pioneers and truth seekers, the Satoshi Awards will celebrate their endeavors and the mark they are leaving on our movement. Stepping away from the hype and the market, we wish to look back and honor those who’ve played a key role in this industry. To be held in Acapulco, Mexico in February 2020, the Satoshi Awards will honor the best in crypto, by launching the world’s first cryptocurrency awards ceremony. The twist? The nominations and voting process will occur on the blockchain. An awards ceremony shaped by the community, relying on a transparent and open process to nominate and vote for their crypto-heroes. The special event will take place alongside Anarchapulco’s 6th annual event. Wrapped in a vintage atmosphere, the Satoshi Awards are inspired by the Roaring Twenties, a time of social, artistic and cultural dynamism. They broke with tradition, were empowered by modern technology, and everything seemed feasible. Today, our crypto movement mirrors that era, and is also calling for a change-- armed with blockchain technology. Want to be part of it? For more information please visit or contact our team at info[@] Join The Satoshi Awards Telegram group and follow us over on Twitter and Instagram.  To talk to us about sponsoring the 2020 awards, please email: sponsor[@]
The cryptocurrency world is a mysterious one, wrapped in secrecy and anonymity. Where cryptography meets blockchain and revolutionaries. For many of us, this has been a journey to discover a new found philosophy of life, where liberty, freedom of choice and voluntarism are key. We’ve embraced an ongoing social and economical experiment for the betterment of humankind. Anybody is welcome to take part, just follow the yellow brick road, learn and envision a decentralized future. We walk at night, masked, wearing our ruby slippers and cloaked in our superhero capes. We are everyone and no one. We are on a mission, to bring peer to peer electronic cash to all and more. How? With different backgrounds and cultures, the crypto community is broad, a mix bag of talents, cypherpunks, marketeers, politicians, economists and you and me, with hopes of a better world. Once you stumble upon it, you can’t go back. From a colorless world, where federal banks and corruption reign, you’ve emerged from the rabbit hole, empowered and enlightened. You now have hope. The Satoshi Awards are here to celebrate you, your heart, your courage and your vision. We wish to honor those who’ve dared to step onto the yellow brick road, to look beyond the known. Unmasked, with no wicked witch standing in your way, the rest of the world awaits. We are bold, pioneers on the frontlines of a new economy. A community united with purpose. We feel the urgency, and we want to be prepared. On the brink of a new world, we want monetary power to lie with the people. Now, we must honor the visionaries that have paved the way for us, to live in a timestamped technicolor dream.
Grow, build, support, keep helping us move forward.
Drown out the noise, there's another way, it's clearer now. Consistency, please.
Permissionless, decentralized, non-custodial, peer-to-peer. The beacon of hope, a new currency, a new lifestyle is there, it's up to you to make it work. But how?
Down the rabbit hole…HODL, Bitcoin, Blockchain--what chain?  But the doubts, the skeptics, the FUD. Do your own research.
There's no place like home, the same old same old is comforting for some. Then there are those who leap towards the shiny and the new. Is that you?