The world we live in is a virtual reality. A computer simulation. The matrix, if you will. We have all heard the analogy before but I assure you -this is no analogy. Unfortunately the limitations of language prevent me from fully expressing what it is I am trying to convey but I will do my best. If only humans could communicate the way dolphins do.. holographic thought forms that are encoded in the sounds they make, and then decoded by the receiving dolphins brain. If a dolphin wants to tell a group of his buddies "hey there are some fish over here" he sends out the message -"tick tick" and the other dolphins literally "see" an image of the exact fish, and they know even before they get there what they're dealing with. Do you see how it works? This is a prime example and demonstration of the holographic universe and the way information flows. I believe at some point in time humans had the same ability, to know without using words, but due to cultural programming and the English language, we lost it. Ultimately what we call 'intuition' is the baby version of the same thing dolphins have been doing forever… OK so what does all this have to do with living in a computer simulation? Everything is information, including you. Quantum physicists are starting to understand now that our universe functions almost exactly like a computer (and as they will soon see, a block-chain). It's been recently discovered that the entire universe actually "blinks" or flickers OFF and ON again at a rate of 1.1 THz (trillion cycles per second) -dubbed the Lighthouse Frequency. This process is happening SO fast that our brains are unaware of it. It's akin to having the FPS or frames per second on a video game so high that the image never skips or tears or breaks. So, why is it doing this?? And what is it doing?? Well, to use a cryptocurrency analogy; mining. Mining intelligence, life experience. Intelligent/sentient lifeforms are nodes, operating on consensus mechanisms (culture) just like a block-chain. All galaxies are self contained units. Within the center of each galaxy resides something scientists are still trying to understand; a super-massive black hole. The stars on the outer edges of most (probably all) galaxies are SO far away from the galactic center that by all calculations they should be hurled out into space. Their velocity, weight, and the fact they are so far from the galactic core, that not even the gravity from the black hole is enough to keep them in place, yet, they remain. What is holding galaxies together? Even space itself is expanding at a rate faster than light. It has to or else when you turned on a light in the room you would see the back of your head in front of you and that wouldn't be a pretty sight. So even with space itself expanding, the smallest bodies from cells, to us, and entire galaxies are held together by some mysterious force. So if we consider every galaxy is a self contained unit that would imply that, staying within that mechanism, nothing can really leave or go outside said galaxy. In fact the ancient Mayan civilization believed when we die that your soul or spirit would be 'absorbed' back into the galactic core or "Hanub Ku" and enter into the cycle of rebirth. And if we look at this as a systematic or mechanical process we start to see a bigger picture emerge. Think of a black-hole like a computer hard drive. For everything that exists within a given galaxy it must first exist as information on the surface of it's super massive black-hole. Scientists have proven that an object can be in two places at once, as electrons can be in two places at the same time. But for this thought experiment to work we must not think of physical matter as solid, but instead as information. Physical objects are mostly empty space. Atoms are mostly empty space. What we "see" as the physical world is actually just information that our brains are processing/filtering to en-train a certain frequency we call visible light. The brain doesn't really 'create' anything, in fact the brain is actually a receiver not a generator. The organs of the body generate emotions and it's the brains job to simply create and keep track of 'maps'. There is a common misunderstanding in science that the act of observation can affect the outcome of events. This is false. The universe is based on something called probability. It will render things based on the likelihood of what is probable and that depends entirely on 'information'. As an example, lets say there is a human who is out for a walk one day and they come across a forest that somehow no living being has ever seen before. First time this forest has had eyes laid on it. By the outer edge of the forest they notice a fallen/dead tree. They take note of it and go on their way only to later meet an unfortunate fate and be eaten by an overprotective mamma bear looking out for her cubs. The next day a different person comes along and happens upon the same forest. Question: Do they see the same fallen/dead tree the first person saw? Stop and think about this. Do they? You may be surprised to learn the answer is actually no. They just see a forest. Why though? What happened to the dead tree? Well, it was erased. Not the tree, -the information. Again the system can only render things based on the likelihood of what is probable. The information that said there was a dead tree on the outer edge of the forest was erased when the first person got eaten by the bear, and so the second person just sees a forest with no dead tree. Do you see how this works? In classical science the same thought experiment can be applied to a real world event called the Double Slit Experiment. In this experiment scientists shined a light through two slits and observed interference patterns on a screen behind the slits. It was noted that when they did not measure or take recordings of the photons passing through the detector, the interference pattern suggested photons had wave like behavior. However when measurements were taken the interference pattern on the screen changed to suggest the photons were behaving like particles! Classical science would suggest its the act of measurement or observation that is somehow affecting the wave to become a particle. They are close but this is where they got it wrong. It is not the act of measurement or observation that determines the outcome of events, but the fact that there is "information". Say for example this experiment is performed again and measurements are taken by the sensors, and the data is recorded so the screen shows an interference pattern with photons behaving as particles. What do you think would happen if the information was erased? Experiment done, data stored and everyone goes home for the night. But overnight there's a critical hard drive failure and the data gets corrupted. When the scientists come back in the morning and look at the screen, do they see a wave interference pattern or a particle? Yup, the interference pattern goes back to being a wave. How? For the same reason the second person in our story before did not see the same fallen tree as the first person. The information was erased. The universe/system can only render based on the likelihood of what is probable. And what is probable depends on information. This is why there are rules, the laws of physics as we call them. The universe was programmed on some very specific and predetermined parameters. It is by no means an accident, not random, not meaningless. We are all part of something much bigger than ourselves. The thoughts you think affect your body. Your body is a holographic projection of information and your mind is the gateway. Over 60% of your body is water and 80% of your brain is water. Water is a biological computer that has memory. It has been scientifically proven if you send intention to water that its molecular structure can change. Scientists performed experiments where groups of people project different thoughts to different bodies of water and then they observed the water under a microscope. If you send kind loving thoughts to water the most beautiful geometric patterns emerge. If you send violent or hateful thoughts to it then the patterns become distorted and disharmonious. This type of phenomenon is very similar to how dolphins communicate in that there is always more information encoded into our perceptions that we are consciously aware. The real point is that ultimately your thoughts affect your body in a very powerful way. The music you listen to affects your body in a very powerful way. You can change your state of being simply by being present with yourself and acknowledging your current state of being without wanting to change anything. The power of now is real. Water can do something very special and that is 'flip' out of this dimension. The molecule is so small that it can literally flip inside out and access something called "time space". In our dimension (Space-Time) we have three dimensions of space and one of time. In time-space there is one dimension of time and THREE dimensions of space. So over there, when you move through space you're actually moving through time. This alternate reality is likely on the other side of a black hole. And whatever it is, could be the very origins of our universe and the big bang itself.
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What is the Black Pearl Network, and how does it work?
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Written and produced by @numberofthings
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Written and recorded by @Numberofthings
Written and recorded by @numberofthings
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