https://coinspice.io/news/coinspice-show-3-bitcoin-abcs-amaury-sechet-addresses-bch-51-attack-rumors/ Great interview! Video Here https://youtu.be/8XKwug52liQ
#BitcoinCash 2019 Developers meeting no. 5 to take place Feb 28 at 23:00 UTC. Information available at https://www.thefutureofbitcoin.cash/#bitcoin-cash-development … Attendees to the meeting are welcome to join https://zoom.us/j/191683237 #BCH
https://twitter.com/BitcoinCash/status/1087446921587904513 https://youtu.be/b2kG0xGhods
Bitcoin Cash Development video meeting - January 3 2019 - 8am UTC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ermlxBgPC4

Not sure about character but I have some time ago lost interest in associating with people because they might be useful to me in some way. What I admire and seek out are Kindness, Humour, Curiosity, Open-mindedness and Loyalty to one's own values; people who treat others respectfully and kindly, who are willing to speak up for others even if it means endangering their own comfort, who are not easi...