Life for me has been hard to say the least, I was born as a child of a bad alcoholic. Daily beatings with a weeping willow limb, and let me tell you those bastards hurt, cutting skin and whelping from ankles to back of the head for no apparent reason. Jumping forward a few years, I was 10 or 11 and playing in an abandon house where I shouldn't have been. I ran up the stairs and a piece of broken...
Baptized In Muddy Water - Song by Timothy Chance Band. Tattoo by Me on my right hand. Me inking on my friend "Wizard RIP my friend" Sons of Anarchy Reaper by Curtis Cross & Wings on back of the Late Dru Blake Smokey Skull on a Right Hand. Eagle on my Brother.
Curtis & Timothy Chance, Brothers forever. TC is a Country HipHop Artist from Nashville TN. You can find his Music on YouTube as well. The song for me is sealed forever in ink on my hand. "Baptized in Muddy Water" Curtis & TC headed backstage at Bridgestone Arena to see our friend Bobby Shazam, AKA "Kid Rock". 2013 Music Artists- Willie 3rd Street, Heather Michele Cohen & Curtis at an Apartm...
I Think it is 11x14 Rose on Stretched Canvas. All Painting here are for SALE.  This is called "Explosion of Color" it is huge and on 1/4" Board probably 24x36. Middle Tennessee Afternoon Summer Sky. Curtis & The Late DRU Blake a Country/Rock Artist. Passed away in a car accident 2 years ago. You can find his music on YouTube.
Pickwick Lake Tennessee My photo art. More to come soon. (
I have been drawing and painting for years. Just a guy from a small town in Tennessee, trying to get my stuff out to the world. I am a home remodeler by trade & build furniture on the side. Looking to build a better future for myself.