ACallForAnUprising!/v/acfautv/lx4pj37u Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) (Using and DTube to avoid the censorship) This is I'll call for an uprising. Welcome to today's show folks. Today'S episode, i would say, is up: there is one of the most important ones for you to watch. Ok, this is very important information. This will help. You understand why we're in the predicament we're in I'll help, you understand, mind, control and how it really works and how we're all under this hypnosis that we've been put under by the Antichrist system. Ok, for starters, the word mind-control. You need to separate from thinking that it's some crazy conspiracy theory word and it's not true. Your brain is like a computer. It could be programmed to believe this to believe that can be molded. It could be manipulated. That'S how the human brain works. Ok and television is the number one way to get somebody under my control, and I will explain to you how, for starters, on average Americans spend over 38 hours a week watching television, which is an insane amount of hours sitting in front of this box? Ok, so it shows you how much people are putting television into their lives, how much of a mainstay it is in their lives. 38 hours, it's almost a full work week for some people. Okay, so you have to understand the brain I'm going to do this, as simply as I can, I'm not going to go crazy here with big words and confuse you, but let's think of it in two different ways: right. Your brain works in two phases: okay, beta waves and alpha waves; okay, beta waves, that's when you're awake, you're, doing critical thinking; okay, you're, making choices in a beta state. An alpha state is deep: relaxation; okay, it's like daydreaming or being in hypnosis. Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) Okay studies have been done that when you turn on the TV and you watch the television in under 60 seconds, your brain goes from being in a beta state into an alpha state. Okay, so they go from a beta into an alpha. Alpha state is a it's a passive learning experience. Okay, it's the right side of your brain is taking control. Your left side, which does critical thinking, is now shutting off. Okay, you can still learn while you were in an alpha state. You just can't decode things. So when you're watching TV, okay and the left side of your brain is off and they're pushing stuff on the news, they're pushing propaganda, they're, pushing new music artists are telling you. This is great, and that is great. Your beta waves and your brain are not functioning. Your alpha waves are can't decode what's going on, but it's taking all the information in and it's storing it. It'S like you're, an autopilot right, you're watching it, but you're you're in a daydreaming state and you're, just taking in all the information that you're not really questioning it or decoding it, you're, just watching it because you're under hypnosis in a sense and you're. Storing all this information in your head without decoding it, okay, thus you are in a hypnotic state. So when you see news anchors talking the way they talk right and they say well, this person went to a news anchor school. They learn to talk this way and look you right in the eyes notice how they always are looking you in the eyes or looking in the camera lens: okay, just like a hypnotist you're, getting sleepy right, they're, looking right into your eyes, speaking in this monotone, yet Authoritative voice, while you're in a hypnotic state and they're force-feeding you false information and lies. Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) So while your brain is in the alpha state, it's taking all this information and it's just storing it. Okay and at some point, you're going to use it like the next day. At a water-cooler at work, you might bring up something you heard on the news and then talk about it like it's real, but you never decoded it. You'Ve pretty much picked up this information without even knowing it, okay, but what they do. Is they desensitize your brain? Okay, so, while you're in a hypnotic state and you're in an alpha state watching these shows or watching the news, okay, they're desensitizing, you like when we see movies over and over at the same plot of this attack, that's coming from above. It'S alien attack right there desensitizing your brain for when it happens, you're not going to react and jump out of your seat because you're even desensitized to it you've been conditioned. That'S part of the conditioning process. Okay and you can do things in your regular day-to-day life. In an alpha state so just like, when you tie your shoes you're in an alpha state, the first time you tie your shoes you're in a beta state right because you're learning how to tie you've, never tied a shoe before up here. It is I'm learning how to do it now. It'S just common nature right. You know how to tie it. Just like driving a car people jump in an alpha state because it's just a routine, which is scary in a sense because you should be in a beta stages. You always should be aware and looking around, but you can slip in and out from a beta to an alpha, but when you're watching TV you are in an alpha state, okay, so they can force feed you information and without your brain being able to debunk it Because the beta part of your brain is shut off, so there's no critical thinking going on, and this is how we've gotten to where we are today, because nobody is critically thinking everybody's, getting force-fed information that acting like they know everything believing that it's the truth, because they heard it on a TV because they are under hypnosis, then they go out and they regurgitate this false information. And then, when people like me or other people out there trying to get the truth out their talk, they say these people are crazy man to hear these people and it's really embarrassing on there and because they're under such hypnosis that hearing anything other than what they've Been told under this hypnotic state hearing anything that questions it or is different from it, their body just completely shuts down and puts a wall up, attacking it right. Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) They attack people attack conspiracy, theorists quote uncle or people truthers. They attack you because they have a wall up, they have a wall up because they've been forced to believe lies and information and they've never used critical thinking. Okay, they never try to debunk anything. They'Ve never questioned anything they've heard because the hypnotic state they were in completely brainwashed them into believing false information. Okay and then, when they carry over to a beta state, which probably barely happens this day and age, because people are under mind-control 24/7 because they're on their devices 24/7. So when you look down and see somebody constantly on their phone they're in a an alpha state. Okay, so it's important to know the difference between the two and that's why we are where we are because nobody's using critical thinking, nobody's questioning these things, because when they're in an alpha state and they're under this hypnosis they're getting force-fed all this false information, they're getting Told who to like right, like Katy, Perry like Rihanna, okay, these are the foods you should eat. This is the music you should listen to. This is who you should vote for here. Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) Are your two fake presidential candidates? You get to pick you get to vote, get out there and vote it matters believing in this false system that they've set up which isn't real right, because none of it's real, it's a controlled reality. They already have everything predetermined. They already know who the president's going to be. They know what events are going to happen because they plan them out, but by keeping you in hypnosis in an alpha state and force feeding you all this information, this false world around us becomes true. Why? Because your brain has process all this information, while it was not critically thinking, okay and it's processing it as truth, because it's never decoded it, it's never tried to question it or try to ask what is this that I'm forgetting to shove down my throat? Okay, then you go back out into the real world, you regurgitate all of this false information and that's how we got to the point that we're at that's: why, in the last 100 so years, everything is run as just guns from zero to a hundred. Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) That's how fast they've assured in the Antichrist movement from the beginning of the Industrial Age, right with everybody having a television in their house, creating false events right, false signs. It'S like the moon, landing and all those things that they've created, because the television you perceive. As truth, you jump in you watch it in alpha state, whatever they show you, your brain, debunks, its truth and reality, because it's not critically thinking or questioning any of it. This information is so vital to understand. Okay and it goes much deeper, but I'm trying to symbolize it, make it as simple as I possibly can, because I know people out there can't listen for longer than 5 to 10 minutes. They can't process this kind of information, because if I use a couple words that they've never heard before, like alpha and beta their brain will shut off and say then it's kind of boring. What what I want to watch the video he did on Rihanna's, or somebody like that? Well, this is the most important information, so I'm trying to symbolize it as much as I possibly can right. There'S two sides: the left and the right, the beta in the Alpha and the hypnosis occurs in the Alpha State. So what I'm saying is: do your best to remain in a beta state, try to remain at a conscious level. It'S amazing! Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) When you look at the studies that they've done from watching TV and going into an alpha state, if you pick up a book and start reading, you jump right back into a beta state, because your brain is using critical thought: okay, you're using you're, not in a Hypnotic trance, when you're, when you're reading a book so you're using your beta, but it's television, its television they've, learned that through doing studies the Nazi scientists. Okay, how do you think Hitler got all these people behind him through his mind? Control films, a triumph of the will they learned through all these six studies that they did, how to get control of a human beings mind and that's how we are where we are today. That'S why there's so many sheep? That'S why there's so many people out there? You look at them and go wow. This person is beyond an idiot. They can't even process thought because they're, not processing, thought they're getting fed a false doctrine, they're getting fed false lies and they're, perceiving them as reality, and then they walk around like robots, not critically. Thinking and anyone who questions these things they've already been told through watching the TV, because they constantly talk about conspiracy, theorists on the television to desensitize these people and get them conditioned to think that anyone who questions this stuff is a loony living in his parents basement. Okay, who has a false vision of real who's, just a crazy, crazy person, and that's why people jump on people like me or other truthers and attack and say? Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) Oh, this is the know how many people write on my wall and say the funniest thing. I'Ve ever heard and yadda yadda yadda and I don't get upset. I shake my head. I just say man. These people are just so so, like you know, because they don't know about this stuff. They don't know about something like the Kabbalah or something about something like you know, mind control these things. They'Ve never been taught this. So when they hear it, they just think it's crazy and laugh because all I know is a false doctrine. They'Ve heard from the television set, which is just dumb them down to a point where they can't even critically think anymore, so be aware - and I know a lot of people follow this channel - don't watch a lot of TV. Some do that's not a judgment on you. If you do or you don't, we know that nothing but bad comes out of the television set. That'S for sure, but obviously I watch it to follow what agendas they have planned and what they're doing - and I see it because I watch it in a beta state. I always make sure I watch in the beta state, I'm always thinking saying what is this. Why are they saying that got it got it got it taking notes, while I'm watching sometimes that's what you need to do. Try not to ever slip into an alpha say because then they could force-feed you stuff. They can force feed it into your brain. Okay, then you're going to think of it. It'S truth because it's just going to pop up into your mind the next day or a week later or whenever, whenever your brain trigger it gets triggered in your brain, and you have never debunked it because it just got pushed into your head. While you were in an alpha state, so think about these things, think about how simple mind control really is and how true and real it is people here, mind control and they say. Oh, like, like the conspiracy theory, things like this Bourne Supremacy, ha ha ha ha you're crazy, like they're, so naive. Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) To believe that something like that couldn't happen, like think about the brain and how to program and how you have likes and dislikes and things that you do and you don't do, it's all part of basic programming, we've all been programmed and look how civilization has changed As the days of little house in the Prairie to today and the quality of life right and the quality of being independent on your seller to proceed to be dependent on yourself for food and all these things, and now how dependent we are of government. In a socialist world that we live in socialist society, it's only 150 years ago, little lost in the prairies 150 years ago. Ok, building your own house hunting your own food farming, your own stuff, focusing on your family focus, focusing on God right and then 150 years later. Look where we are. There is no God, as the logger allowed in this world right. Nobody knows that it do anything anymore because we're dependent on the government, because we are always in an alpha state. We are always put under this trance and we are never told how to be self-sufficient. Nobody knows how to be self-sufficient because they won't allow you to be self-sufficient. They don't want you to be self-sufficient, okay, because when they are in the Antichrist, they know that you're going to be accepting of the Antichrist for lots of reasons, and they want you to be because they want your soul to go with him. The Antichrist to go to Satan because they know you're going to be dependent on them and you're going to need them, because you can't do anything. I know because you can't freely think you can't figure out. What'S going on it's like. If you see somebody, you take their phone and just say you snap their phone over your leg or you threw it in the water. A person would have a meltdown, a meltdown, they would go bananas, they would probably hit you or try to hit you. They would cry they would go frantic because of how dependent they've made us on the technology right. So even when you're not in front of your TV and you're on your phone out somewhere you're still going into an alpha state because there's so force-feeding you've. Just false information: that's why one of the many reasons other than tracking you they want you to have a cell phone. They want you to have devices always on you, because they can always keep you in this alpha state and that you'll never have a chance to wake up and jump into a beta state. You'Ll always be in an alpha. So you don't have to be in your living room anymore. Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) You can watch TV on the train on the bus at work. Right always always always keeping you asleep. Okay, because that's what the Alpha state is. It'S a it's, a deep relaxation right! It'S a deep relaxation! It'S a hypnotic see it's like daydreaming. So again, these things are important. We watch this video. If you didn't understand it look deeper into mind, control and just how the brain works enough to be a brain surgeon to understand how the brain works. It'S pretty basic. Any things are important because then you can understand how they, how you have been led to feel one way or the other way, because it's through manipulation. When people comment on eyewall about the race, where they refuse to believe that it's it's controlled by the media, they think it's this real thing. Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) That's going on right because, they're being their mind, is being molded and pushed the way that they want it to be pushed. That'S exactly what they want, you to think think. The way they tell you to think, which means don't think believe in our lives. Obey us be dependent on us. I'D never use your brain to critically. Think, and if you hear somebody who speaks against this system, they are a quote/unquote conspiracy theories or a crazy person. You should laugh at them and that's what happens. That'S where we are where we are - and this is just basic mind - control that were under okay, pray to not be under the mind-control pray to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, pray to the Holy Spirit, pray to our Father that we all are led out of This that we could save our brothers and sisters and get them out of this hypnotic trance that they're in and bring them back to our Father. That'S what matters most here! Thank you for listening to today's show. I hope this information is helpful. Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) Honest Steemit Twitter Facebook