Too Many Questions Around This "Bull Run"

2019-05-16T03:55:00.000Z Honest Cash

Look, the timing is too perfect. Good ole Bitfinex, known to manipulate Bitcoin markets, gets slapped with a serious demand from even more serious LEOs. Then they hilariously launch the $LEO token. LEO = law enforcement officer. They run a blackbox STO on the LEO, admit that none of the math has to add up, and raise $1 billion. It's motherfuckery to the core.

Fortunately, Bitcoin Cash and other assets are actually gaining against Bitcoin. That's a good takeaway, as people coming into the market, who aren't many -- by the way -- are considering all of their options.

But the idiots rush on. It's as obnoxious as it is tiring. This will age well.

Here's my prediction: $5000 BTC by August.


RE: Too Many Questions Around This "Bull Run"

by @majamalu

For some reason I can't upvote. I hope honest cash solves this ASAP.

EDIT: solved.

RE: Too Many Questions Around This "Bull Run"

by @cain

I hear what you're saying, but just to play devil's advocate, what if some whales managed to sell the top in 2017 and are just now getting back into the game? In that situation, I'd argue we have more hodlers than there were back in the last bull run, people with stronger hands, so even without that much more capital, these prices could more easily reach ATHs. Just a thought.

RE: RE: Too Many Questions Around This "Bull Run"

by @phmadore

I think those people would be more vocal, first off. Secondly, what did they do to grow the money? We have a lot of data on whale wallets. Less than a 1/3rd of whale BTC was sold during the last bull run. So we're talking about less than like $50 billion total, and that math is based on nothing but generalizations…. I know some sold on the way up and some on the way down, but all told, it's not enough to grow the market cap as much as it did. No, I don't think there's "stronger hands." I think every step up to $20,000 has people who bought into the craze with no philosophical ties -- I call them involuntary hodlers. Those people will push back the whole way. And they could potentially keep it from ever getting there again.

Personally, I'm fine with a $10 billion overall capitalization. I think if we can't build a better economic system with that much money, we're probably not trying or wrong about something.

RE: RE: RE: Too Many Questions Around This "Bull Run"

by @cain

yeah i haven't seen much adoption between 2017 and now. not much has changed. BCH is making technical improvements and building out infrastructure, but the number of users hasn't grown much in the last year and a half, and that's what might be needed for the next bull run to really happen. i was just throwing out a possibility, but it could also be seen as just wishful thinking.