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2019-04-11T14:00:27.000Z Honest Cash


**There's nothing more annoying than supposedly wise technologists who are sure of things. **Beyond the laws we know, like the ever-changing rules of programming languages or the limits of current networking technology, no one can predict the future. Disruption is the nature of this world. I didn't actually see BSV coming. But I'm fine with it.

Three bitcoins is better than one. I don't like people who argue that one or the other is the "only" one. It's a stupid argument. Ultimately the transactions of the world need multiple blockchains. Some will be better at some things than others. I don't think any of the Satoshi codebases is good for smart contracts. You need ultra-fast block times and a lot of space, plus a stateful architecture, for this. I think Tron, EOS, and Ethereum are doing a marvelous job -- in that order. People dislike Tron for several reasons, some of them valid, but I've seen the glory there. The fact that I've met actually dozens of people who barely know what Bitcoin is but use Tron every day -- that's very telling.


There are people who will tell you that we're still early in this game. Those people are right. However, a lot of them say this in a way to convince you that you need to be holding a lot of crypto right now. I think we probably have more crypto winters left in us. In fact, I hope we do. Every time things get bad, the people who stick around end up contributing more and learning from the not-so-easy times.


The theories about there being only one blockchain in the end have been going on since 2013. They have been consistently, brutally proven wrong. I've always believed there was room for many blockchains. I still think that. I think we may have room for multiple "stores of value," and perhaps three or four dozen purposeful blockchains.


It's annoying when people who "joined the movement" in 2017 try to speak authoritatively about the "lack of value" in chains besides Bitcoin Core. I recently blew my top during such an episode.


**It's healthy to explore things beyond crypto. **Crypto puts us in a resource-gathering mindset. Need money to do this, to do that. But there are so many things to enjoy in life that don't cost anything. It'd be good to see us all explore more of these things, like relationships and improved child-rearing, while we're in our prime.


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