A Little Money and Some Self-Control Goes A Long Way

2019-09-18T09:53:49.000Z Honest Cash

There's this song where the guy is like, "I'd still sell my soul / For a little bit of money / And some self-control." 

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  <p>I think that's a brilliant lyric, and I think of it often lately. A little money and a little self-control go a long way, I figure.&nbsp;</p><p>In the end, we're all just here, trying to claw our way forward, doing our best, maybe.&nbsp;</p><p>But maybe some aren't doing their best. Is that the problem? Oh, probably not.&nbsp;</p><p>The trick is to not get overly invested in outcomes.&nbsp;</p><p>Just roll the dice and hope to survive to the next round.&nbsp;</p><p>Demanding or expecting much more than that will get you rekt, ultimately.</p><p>There's just no reason to hold on to nonsense.&nbsp;</p>