Honest.cash is an alternative to yours.org - yours.org scam ?

2018-12-17T14:34:59.000Z Honest Cash

Yours.org was a young community where people can post blog post, and create discussions with each other.

They try to diverse from other platforms, like Steemit. By ch arching a small fee (10 cents) post an article. In this way they can prevent the surplus of spam articles. Because when writing their blog posts, people need to keep in mind that publishing isn't free.

Published blog posts can be both free to read, or charged. The Author decides how much is charged for an article. Beside's people 'buying' articles. Their is also a possibility to earn by tips. These tips are a similar concept to Steemit.

If people want to cash out, they can get paid with Bitcoin Cash.

I find this website a very interesting idea. The fact that you need to pay a small fee to posts can help prevent spam. But I'm worried about the legitimacy of the project. Their isn't very much activity yet. So we will just have to see.

Now as I can see yours.org stopped working, no one can post or at least see your own profile, I don't know what is happening, we don't have any news on social media about the platform.

It's a simple change to make it work with SV, so why isn't it done already?

On the beginning of this year, Ryan ( owner of yours.org) posted that they received more than 1.5 million$ to put on the platform, but where is this money, the platform was the same for almost a year and still the same thing, But now isn't working.


Bitmain and nChain and negotiated the raise of $1.5 M, to yours. org.

Where is that money? 

"Yours.org has the potential to bring Bitcoin to everyone in the world," said Ryan X. Charles, CEO of Yours.org. "Because we have focused on making Bitcoin so easy to use, even the most casual users are able to send and receive Bitcoin. Anyone, anywhere can start earning money for the things they love to do. The potential to change the way social media works and to improve the quality of content on the internet is enormous."

Another bad light on Ryan unfortunately. I used to like the guy and I still respect him quite a bit because of his apology for when he ticked out and censored people on yours.org.



Yours is now an (inactive) BSV platform

by @somospolvo

Keep in mind that Yours.org changed the model long before it stopped being a social network to the Bitcoin Cash service. At a certain point, publishing was totally free, and even so, the filter by means of upvotes fulfilled its role.

As for its inactivity, it seems to me that a large part of the community in Yours was in favor of the Bitcoin ABC roadmap for the November 15 fork. In addition, a certain episode of censorship by Ryan X Charles could have scared away a large part of its users.

I guess in a way Yours.org has had to start over again, its development apparently still in disuse (because its developers are focused on "MoneyButton"). That does not mean that in the future it will not become again a popular platform within the Bitcoin SV community. The truth is that it is no longer a cryptocurrency related to Bitcoin Cash. That position is now from initiatives like "Honest Cash".