717 Videos of the Repression lived in Catalonia by the Spanish Police in the Referendum for Independence of October 1, 2017

2019-01-22T21:53:12.000Z Honest Cash

Following link contains 717 Videos of the Repression lived in Catalonia by the Spanish Police in the Referendum of October 1, 2017.


Many people around the world already watched many of the videos and are ashamed about the Spanish Government hitting people in order to avoid voting (also ashamed about Europe letting this fascist behaviour).

By the way, more than 2 million voted for independence despite Spanish Police violence.

Now, new Minister of Foreign Affairs in Spain (Josep Borrell) tells to the world this violence is fake news, claiming most of the videos are from Pinochet repression in Chile (1973-1990).

Next months Spanish State will judge the Catalan Government, social entities leaders and Catalan police chievs. Spanish State acuse them for rebellion and secesion (20 - 30 years in prison) and there are people in prison and exilee for more than 1 year ago. 

It is totally crazy Europe has did nothing yet. Catalan people has the right to chose their future, like Scotland did for example.

Please, check the website, spread it and fight the fake news with reality. :)



First it is necessary to reform the Spanish constitution

by @somospolvo

If the Catalans want to be independent of Spain, promote a dialogue and a constitutional reform. I am not against the cause of Catalan independence itself, and I think that this decision should correspond to the Catalans, but let's be honest, the referendum as it was done (not according to law) constitutes a coup d'├ętat. Below I attach a video that describes how to achieve the independence of Catalonia by legal means: