Sea of emotions, a poem so close to my heart.

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Sea of emotions, a poem so close to my heart.


The sea of emotions is very huge, creature of the sea is very little. Expectations are making room, the song of life is full of love. Dews are new on the rose buds, the blow wind is misty and soft. Feelings are pious and pour with desire of Love grass is wet with the dew.


The sea of emotions is still thirsty and waiting for the rain of the love. The twinkling stars the milky way and the andromeda galaxy sending the signal of love. Universe is tending to the waves of photons coming from the sun. The moon is bigger and cool now the twilight saga is filled with honey dew.


The sea of emotions is thirsty and every creature is it's dwelling with this thirst. Face of roses is wet with the dew maybe they were bathing with twilight and dew. Magnitude of our feelings is surpassing the heartbeats it's crazy to describe.


The sea of emotions is feeling the smell of rain but it's too far somewhere. Winds of feelings are crazy and dwelling with the soars of the sea. Everything is not in control of mind and heart maybe it's the cause of infatuation. The sea of emotions is waiting for its rain maybe it will come and thirst will end.



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