My Love waiting for your reply.

2019-01-16T02:22:42.000Z Honest Cash

My Love waiting for your reply.

Grace of her beauty is pious,

Her smile is very precious.

When I saw her it’s a beautiful joy,

I proposed her to be my lady.

Her glittery eyes waits for me,

Her lips are like a buds of rose.

When she smiles her chin shrinks,

It’s like a rose smiles and eyes blinks.

It’s the beauty of a lady,

Love is in her eyes and smile.

I am happy and always ready,

Our relations are not fragile.

She will one day accept my love,

Express her feelings and love.

I am feeling love in her eyes,

Her love is awesome and beautiful.

Her feelings are pious and pure.

So my love I am still waiting for your 


My poem dedicated to my love ?

Thank you dear friends for your love and support.