How to become a Saint?

2019-04-25T15:35:40.000Z Honest Cash

How to become a Saint?


The memory of exalted souls,
Has done me immense good.
I have good fortune of seeing exalted souls,
From the very beginning of my childhood.

By treasuring the memory of great souls,
You must be benefited in a special degree.
By recalling the life incidents of great souls.
Our respect for them should be in strong degree.

Our conduct begins to take a similar turn,
In our thoughts go back to the conduct of exalted souls.
For one who enjoys their noble fellowship,
The noble sentiments throbbing in the heart of an exalted souls.

To live in close proximity with them,
And to carry out their commands under their control.
All these expedients are to love and reverence,
One can become a Saint by recourse to these expedients.

A poem by @oodeyaa