How to achieve Moksha, The Mukti...

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Oh! Sons and daughters of the God, The best means of Mukti is Bhakti. Moksha can be achieved by Bhakti in an easier and better way because Bhakti is the name of God's prayer. Prayer is the firm of true love ”The Prema”. Prayer of God is the perennial source of true Love.

There are three parts of Navadha Bhakti- Shravan, Kirtan and Smaran -Hearing, Chattering of God's name and his continuous remembering or Japa. These means are considered creating distance from the God, but Pad Poojan, Archan and Vandan carry us to God-nearness.

The God is attracted when His true devotes (Bhakts) offer them prayer to Him. Prayer has great power, It can do anything, any miracle. The impossible works are wrought due to the constant prayer. So we should always live in atmosphere that echoing with the prayer of God, no matters we are in the stage of any doing our prayer should be always ongoing and our every soul or heartbeat should renounce the name of our Almighty God.

Dear friends enjoy the feelings of my heart related to the auspicious Bhakti and Gyana I learned and acquired during the study of so many spiritual books like Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta and so many like this but I Love mostly read Geeta and the books of Swami Vivekanand.

Thank you, dear friends, for your Love and support.