Find Happiness in little things. Part 1.

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Good evening friends, it's cloudy day here in New Delhi India. Friends we always search the reason of happiness and start ignoring the little things and happiness associated with them is completely ignored by us maybe due to ignorance or today's speedy life style and we always complain we don't have enough time and there is no happiness in life, yes this is happening with everyone there could be several reasons like we ignore the importance of little things or we are still searching happiness in materialistic and those things which we can buy through our wallet power.

Friends life is completely different what we think or feel, the real happiness could be find easily and for free and it will pour your heart by joy and happiness. If our attitude will be positive and we open our mind and flash the dust of ignorance from our mind that happiness can be in expensive things or we can buy them, then we will find the true reasons which we are ignoring and searching happiness on those things which will make you more greedy, and lead to egoism and will ruin your life.

Friends there are thousands way you can feel and enjoy the happiness but first of all you have to ready to accept the importance of little things because true happiness is just behind the little curtain of those little things, for example from the very beginning of the day the cool gust of wind can make you happy, the view of sunrise at the bay of a river, at sea sore or any hill region, the song of little birds, the first ray of sun coming from the snowy mountains or sun is shining behind the clouds, the cloudy day, the colours of cloud, the blue sky, the roaring of the sea, the play of little birds, little cub, little kittens, little turtles, little dogs or anything which is little but have a big message, cute smile of your little baby…

Stay tuned for the final part.

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RE: Find Happiness in little things. Part 1.

by @trumanity

You're so right. Valuable lessons to be remembered here. We are very distracted in life and without realizing it, we rob ourselves of the most valuable things in life.

RE: RE: Find Happiness in little things. Part 1.

by @oodeyaa

Wow what a beautiful conclusion you given dear friend.

Thank you.