Bitcoin will cross $10000 by April 2019?

2019-01-12T07:07:28.000Z Honest Cash

Friends very good morning hopefully you are doing well and it's a very beautiful morning as the good news of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies revolution is zooming again.

Friends let's guess will Bitcoin cross the first hurdle of $10000 in next few months as I have a clear cut idea that yes it seems to me that BTC will cross this level and hold above than this.

The key reason behind the recent surge is based on several combined optimistic news and accumulation of hope around the Cryptocurrencies for the Better Tomorrow. Let's discuss on this as everyone aware that the ETF approvals from United States can bring big money in the system and hope of better tomorrow is incredibly increasing investors are little bit positive and curious about the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Big bulls are still very positive about the future of Bitcoin some are claiming $25000 level by this year end and $250000 by 2020 and it's a very positive and promising future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Recently some development from the big boys like coinbase, Jaypee Morgan and Barclays shows it's futuristic approach and key developments regarding the optimistic future of Bitacoin and cryptocurrencies.

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