A Woman. Dedicated to All the Women’s of the World.

2019-02-17T08:56:09.000Z Honest Cash

A Woman.

image source: https://goo.gl/images/ugct3w

God has created this universe,

Insects, birds, human and anima.

In grand and beautiful natural surroundings,

the creation of a woman is excellence.

She passed her early years,

In Love and care of her parents.

But the prime of her youth is passed,

Among a new unknown world.

She leaves behind everything,

Joins the company of some unknown friend.

Her sacrifices can never be end,

I find probability it is the universal trend.

With the pass age of a time,

She becomes a lovely mother of her child.

The destiny of a woman take turns,

That can never be confined.

She brings up her children with great care,

In the atmosphere of fear or unfair world.

My homage to such sacrifices,

I will try my best to raise my voices.