Believing in Crypto! Surviving in Macedonia

2019-06-11T17:20:49.000Z Honest Cash

Hello fellow crypto believers!

I'm a citizen of North Macedonia. The only country where buying and using crypto is Banned.

I've made a post couple of weeks ago in r/btc about using BCH for the first time and now I know that BCH is the only cryptocurrency that can have a real world usage as a global payment system.

Now with my problems. I live in Gostivar, a small city in the newly named country of North Macedonia (former FYROM). I make a decent buck for my country standards, around 400-500$, as a Dentist. I cant survive in this country. The people are blinded by politics, the government have control over the bank accounts, and the daily cash limit is now 500$. Its a nightmare for me, and a Heaven for the government!

I believe in crypto, I really do. I've never been to vacation, or even outside of this country. Everything is expensive, that is how the government control us. Our ex-Prime minister fled the country, stealing over 2b euros, with corrupt business and nations budget money laundering.

I said to myself, accumulating crypto and going TO THE MOON, will save me, I just need to invest some cents and try to hodl on for a couple of years.

I've tried buying crypto with debit and credit cards. Banks denied me. Then again with wired transfer, moneygram. Again denied. Paypal is banned also. Tried some sites like cryptopay, and the bank denied me again, because of the law here about crypto payments. Can't use coinbase, bitstamp, bittrex. Tried using vpn and Binance but i cant deposit cash in ANY WAY!

So I said, thats it. If i can't buy I will mine it then convert it using DEX. At least the electricity is cheap. For the last two years, I've managed to save money to get 6 gpu rig. I didn't catch the bull run, the bear market destroyed me. Was mining to pay my power bills. I've tried buying crypto from some locals, from telegram chat and forums, because localbitcoins is dead, no offers at all. But every seller wants 20-30% more cash than CMC. And the same sellers are the only one with foreign citizenship that buy your mined coins for 20% more fee.

There is no way for me to accumulate at all. Having around 50-100$ i can spare a month AT MOST, i can't just go to Serbia, Greece or other country because the fuel and trip is not worth it the amount of coin i can buy. So I am trying everything i can to get some satoshi to my address. Faucets, mining, helping people with some skills I can offer over the internet.

Also, I'm great Dota2 player, I can boost your mmr for BCH if someone is interested. Or If you as a community know a way i can EARN bch over the internet I would be extremely grateful!

So here I am, still believing BCH and BTC will succeed. You shouldn't give up. If i can still believe, then YOU MUST. Never give up to the government. Always fight, protest. Don't let them control you, like they control us.

Thanks for the attention.