THE CANDLES - A Poetic Love, Life and Death Story

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THE CANDLES - A Poetic Love, Life and Death Story.

Two flaming candles lit up my candle.
Giving me a flame so shinning and bright.
Watching me burn slow and steady.
And guarding my flame from the blowing wind.

My base was weak, tender and shaky,
But firmly to the ground they braced me from falling,
Burning out their wax to build up my base,
So I could stand and burn on my own.
And firmly I stood, burning and glowing,
With a beauty so great even from afar.

Some days I burn with my flame so ill,
But rescue comes with support from their flames,
Making sure I burn healthy and steady,
While watching me often as I burn,
And hoping the ill flame was gone forever.

Oh! There comes the days their flames couldn’t glow.

Needing my flame to give them more glows.

And so sad were those days as they glowed so weak.
But glowing like the sun I lit up their worlds.
Yet weaker they glowed and gradually flamed out.
Leaving my flame in solitude and despair.

One day I know we would meet to part no more.
But know that my flame has found a flame mate,
And flaming together we would light up another,
And nurture it just like you both nurtured me.
A new circle of life is about to begin,
And your memories are forever green in my heart.

Of what use is a candle without a flame?
Great thanks to the candles that gave me my flame.


The End

@nicewoody69 Writes

Authored by me and previously published here.