Masmic - Makes knowledge sharing fun and rewarding!!!

2019-05-12T02:35:05.000Z Honest Cash

Masmic - Makes knowledge sharing fun and rewarding!!!

Hi to everyone!!!

Today i will bring you a new way to get some income(free money beer!) while you´re useful to community and, why not, have some fun at all.

Masmic is a new kind of website…What they say about themselves??

Check it out…

"Masmic's mission is to give everyone across the world a power to monetise their ideas, knowledge and attention, or crowdsource these from global community of users. On Masmic, anyone can get a query solved in a timely manner by incentivizing crowdsourced collaboration. By creating a micro-gig economy, the platform will open up a new innovative way for users to earn passive income online. Currently, there's no way for global users to collaborate online for micropayments. Masmic will make this possible!"

…so YES: you can ask, you can reward, you obtain answers you need…you CAN EARN answering and upvoting others questions…

…Masmis is like Quora plus cryptocurrencies, that´s it!!!

NOTE: new users now can only signup thru invite links …here is mine…

Check it out!