Invest TIME & Earn CRYPTO! - CrowdHolding

2019-05-12T02:22:58.000Z Honest Cash

Invest TIME & Earn CRYPTO! - CrowdHolding

Crowdholding is a crypto co-creation platform that allows you to give feedback and ideas to crypto startups who are looking for validation, innovation and to grow a community and in return the user receives tokens for their feedback and most importantly can have their voice heard.

It is an innovative way to get heard, express yourself and earn some money.

Crowdholding currently has over 80 startups on the platform, and one of the main advantages to this platform is when you get a task completed you don’t just earn the token from the startup, but also YUP Tokens. Tokens are added to your profile automatically, where you are able to move them to your wallet once you get to 1000 tokens earned.

You get YUP tokens by commenting and voting comments.

So what do you think about this new way to earn some free money for a ….maybe a beer???

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