Working on the BCH hideout in my free time!

2019-03-07T04:38:13.000Z Honest Cash

On some weekends and most evenings I try put in a couple of hours of work on the house.

Lately I've been running water lines from the well into and throughout the house.

It's fun and physical work can help keep you in good shape (physically and mentally). A break from sitting (or standing, or in bed or wherever) in front of a computer is also good for your circulatory system.

Gives you a renewed vitality and may also help you feel intensely enthusiastic about jumping back online.

Couple of Yamaha bikes for fast, fun and efficient transportation!

That's all for tonight! Will report again soon. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) free the world! Have a good night and thanks for stopping by to read the foregoing article! You can also find the Nandibear at the following sites: