Eating reading and Sideshifting Bitcoin Cash!

2019-03-08T03:15:58.000Z Honest Cash

The Nandibear getting a bite to eat. Meal was mostly cheese and tomatoes. Juice was 100% natural (and no added sugar). I try to eat a lot of red meat too (but not everyday).

Was also reading a book by author William J. Caunitz.

Earlier today swapped some Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for Bitcoin Core (BTC) using the wallet app. is listed as a service within the newest versions of the wallet app. I've swapped BCH to BTC and back and forth a few times keeping records of (1) time to complete, (2) difference in cost, (3) any other relevant data.

This particular swap took only eight (8) minutes to complete. Difference in dollar amount sent ($55.00 USD of BCH) and received ($54.35 USD of BTC) was only $0.65 USD (cents).

Honestly and truly loving the Sideshift exchange!

Signing off the night. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) free the world! Thanks for stopping by to read the foregoing article! You can also find the Nandibear at the following sites: