Self Serve Advertising on

2018-12-11T09:00:25.000Z Honest Cash

Social media sites that share net profits with content creators need to exist. They should have self serve advertising that accepts cryptocurrencies for payment.  

Perhaps can offer self serve advertising that accepts Bitcoin Cash for payment. 

Perhaps readers could pay a small fee every month to not see ads. 90% of net profits from advertising could be rewarded back to content creators. 

Perhaps cryptoeconomics will enable to exist with needing to offer self serve advertising features. Time shall show. 

Writers, even casual writers, deserve to be rewarded for what they create if what they create generates value.


I also think that we should not rule out publicity

by @somospolvo

I think it would be beneficial for everyone to find a middle point between "advertisements everywhere" and "no advertisement, in any case". It would be nice to at least allow them to show an ad in a certain part of the posts (i.e. after the first two paragraphs). Nor would it be wrong for Honest Cash to develop its own advertising system. In my opinion, you should not rule out the option of paying a small fee to not see ads at all.

Ads On Each Blog

by @ridedonkeys

Maybe each blog could opt in to an ad program, and Honest could pick a few companies to approach to have them opt in to this

I prefer an autonomous and native system

by @somospolvo

I think it would be positive not to depend on third parties. Also, it would be cool to see developed an advertising system based on Bitcoin Cash in operation. It would be an incentive more :)

Anyway, maybe that's not the priority right now.