Language Related to Crazy and Insane

2019-09-24T02:13:05.000Z Honest Cash

When someone utilizes the word/terminology,"crazy", I sometimes tell them/reply, "I don't believe in crazy".

Crazy is a subjective and nebulous term.

Crazy is a sanist term. Look up sanism on Wikipedia if helpful.

If someone utilizes the term "crazy", maybe ask them, "What does that [crazy] even mean?".

The idea of "crazy" being a literally real and object thing is utilized to justify psychiatric coercion, the insanity defense, and civil commitment.

According to psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, psychiatric coercion is medicalized terrorism. Also, according to Szasz, civil commitment and the insanity defense form the foundations of psychiatric slavery. Szasz wrote about 35 books and one is entitled Psychiatric Slavery. According to Szasz, in the past humans in society created witches, and now humans in society create mental patients and those supposedly suffering from mental illness in a literal and objective way. Psychiatry is subjective.