Bitcoin Cash on Wikipedia

2019-06-05T05:33:14.000Z Honest Cash

How to influence Wikipedia pages (Like Bitcoin Cash's Wikipedia entry) when YOU ARE BIASED. (all while not violating Wikipedia rules):

So I am somewhat familiar with the culture of Wikipedia.

I know I'll probably get some snooty admin or more established Wikipedia user/editor being annoying if I directly edit the Bitcoin Cash page. My edit will get metaphorically thrown in the trash (reverted) probably; it's a waste of time.

So USE THE TALK PAGE to suggest edits.

It is OK to be biased and suggest edits on talk pages. That is my understanding of Wikipedia culture. Please correct me if I am wrong. And over time, people (including Wikipedia editors) will read these talk pages and consider the ideas in them.

On the talk page, list logically your rational for suggesting the change in an article that you want see. Dialogue can then occur on the talk page to potentially reach a new consensus. There are a decent number of relatively unbiased editors on Wikipedia who won't just blindly support Bitcoin Core's agenda of high fees and dubious scaling solutions like Lightning.

Everyone has biases. On Wikipedia, it's my understanding that you mostly are not supposed to edit Wikipedia pages that relate to your biases, if the biases might lead to controversy or contention. Please correct me if I am wrong.

The following link is an example of what I posted on the Bitcoin Cash Wikipedia Talk Page, and I don't think I violated any rules or guidelines of Wikipedia by doing so:

Be aware of your biases when trying to influence Wikipedia. Disclose your biases. Everyone is entitled to opinions about what Wikipedia encyclopedia entries should consist. Use talk pages to appropriately suggest your views. Wikipedia tries establish consensus (again, that's my understanding, correct me if I am wrong).

I hope this is helpful in understanding how to ethical influence these online encyclopedia articles so that more humans can view cryptocurrencies and everything else more clearly.

Thanks for reading. Cheers and Limitless Peace.