The Five Types of People. Which Are You? [Pt. 1 of 6]

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You are unique and special. No one in all the universe is just like you. Although, everyone, including you, belongs to one of the five types of people. Each type comes equipped with defining characteristics and traits exclusive to them. Meaning traits of the first type are not shared with the fifth or any type in between.

No matter the type, you inherit the names from their defining organ or bodily system. The first type is named the alimentive for your mature alimentive (digestive) system. The thoracic type is named for your advance thoracic (circulatory) system. While the third type is also known as the muscular type, predictably gets the name from a strong muscular system. Derived from the osseous (skeletal) system is the name of the fourth type called the osseous. The fifth and final type is named the cerebral, and of course, it comes from your highly developed cerebral cortex and nervous system.

Below is an introductory overview of each type.

Are You An Alimentive?

You alimentives are naturally personably people who are extraordinary conversationalist. More than anything, you enjoy delicious meals, comedic movies, and lounging by the beach. You are noticeably an alimentive by your round nose, round-shaped head, sloping shoulders, small hands, and small feet. Careers in sales, management, and the culinary arts are best suited for alimentives.

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Are You A Thoracic?

A high-bridged nose, kite-shaped head, and pointed fingers are evident traits of you being a thoracic. You are a big fan of partying, fashion, gambling, and all things eccentric. Your favorite entertainment genres are drama & romance, two things you love more than anything else. Careers in acting, modeling, music, advertising, and design are where your talents get put to their best use. 

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Are You A Muscular?

A loud booming voice, square jaw and head, square shoulders, square hands, and square fingers define you as a musculars. You are an inherently modest, honest, and hard-working individual who chooses work over play any day. Some of your favorite activities are intense sports, fitness, and getting your hands dirty by building and crafting things. Naturally, you excel in careers that use your hands and muscular strength such as mechanics, dentistry, construction, and most sports.

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Are You An Osseous?

You know you're an osseous by your bony arms, flat long feet, bony joints, and oblong-shaped (oval-like) head. You gravitate to the old-fashion, love of history, and all pioneering activities. You are a naturally systematic thinker. The gift for working with numbers is part of your DNA. Choosing a career in accounting, mathematics, engineering, or ones dealing with outdoors such as mining, lumberjacking, farming, and fishing are all fields you will thrive in. 

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Are You A Cerebral?

You cerebrals are born imaginative, intellectually mature, polite, and enthusiastic readers. Your gifts lay within your ability to write, teach, and comprehend big ideas with ease. You spend your free time reading books and articles on your favorite topics and daydreaming. You often become lost in thought. Cerebral are identified by their skinny arms, skinny legs, large and inverted triangle-shaped heads with a curved backside, as well as, skinny smooth fingers. Careers in journalism, teaching, philosophy, and library works are where cerebrals flourish above all other types.

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“How to Analyze People on Sight: Through the Science of Human Analysis, Elsie Lincoln Benedict, Ralph Paine Benedict, The Roycrofters, East Aurora, New York”


“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of GOD's varied grace:” 1 Peter 4:10 Bible.


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