5 Lessons From The Best in Bitcoin

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We’ve had an incredible list of guests on Humans of Bitcoin over the past year who have provided both invaluable insight and advice for our listeners.

So this week, Matt went back and chose five of his favorites episodes that he thought would resonate most with everyone.

The people that Matt chose are well accomplished, and can serve as inspiration for anyone striving for personal excellence and looking to make an impact on the world.

Here are the guests that he focused on:

**Stephen Pair - **

Stephen Pair is the CEO of BitPay. Despite the recent bear market, BitPay processed over $1B in transactions in 2018. Stephen is an incredible technologist who lived through the tech bubble and thinks cryptocurrencies will inevitably be an integral piece of the future.

The main takeaway from this episode is to invest for the long term. Regardless of what you’re looking to accomplish, anything worth building is going to be multi-year process.

It’s tempting to go for jobs or projects that offer a shot at quick riches, but you’re better off asking where you want to be in 10 years and constantly making sure that what you’re doing in the present is putting you the right track.

**Rob Viglione - **

Rob is both a polymath and an entrepreneur. He is currently the CEO of Horizen, a privacy focused cryptocurrency, but before that he was doing things like teaching economics to students in Afghanistan and helping the local people disarm IED’s.

He takes full ownership of anything he gets involved in. And it’s important to note that if you want to succeed, you can’t be apprehensive or timid.

Even if you’re inexperienced there is always a way to make an impact. Have the courage to make a name for yourself.

Whether you’re starting your own company or looking to advance your career, the easiest way to accelerate your growth is to take extreme ownership and make everything your own.

**XDite - **

XDite is a renaissance woman. Her hacking skills are world class, and she compliments that with experience in finance and management. Not only is she a serial entrepreneur, but she even ran for mayor in Taipei! She is never afraid to enter a new field.

The biggest lesson from her is that If you want to be an anomaly, act like one. The way you think and the work that you put in needs to be different than 99% of others.

We dream of being at the top of our fields, but it takes a tireless work ethic, and our actions aren’t always aligned with our goals.

The success that most of us strive for entails a lot of missed parties and late nights alone in front of a computer screen. If you want to reach the top, you need to understand the type of sacrifices that it really takes.

**Paul Puey - **

Paul is the founder of the Edge Wallet. Although he’s currently a tech entrepreneur, he’s done everything from managing a bar to working at a rock climbing gym.

His multitude of experiences has given him the advantage of understanding the nuts and bolts of consumer facing businesses.

He shows us that you need to get exposure to real businesses with actual customers. Working behind the scenes is great, but in order to design products that people love, you need to see things from your customer’s perspective. Especially in the nascent blockchain industry.

**Erik Voorhees - **

Erik is the CEO of Shapeshift, which is an exchange that allows you to quickly swap between assets in a safe and secure environment.

The company has a difficult past few months, enduring both layoffs and a hit piece that was published by the WSJ.

Erik shows us how important it is to be resilient. He has been in the game a long time, and has gone through several years of highs and lows.

If you speak out against injustices, realize that you have to be prepared to fight for what you believe in. Erik has stood up to powerful people, and has always been willing to pay the price for sticking to his values.

Building mental toughness like his will give you a major advantage regardless of the endeavour that you decide to pursue.

This episode was a little different. We’d love to hear your thoughts and see if you’d like to hear more of the same in the future. Let us know who your favorite guest was and feel free to reach out with any questions.

Listen here: http://bit.ly/5bitcoinlessons


RE: 5 Lessons From The Best in Bitcoin

by @m4ktub

I think it's great that you make your own highlight of the last year but I felt it would be best to hear from the guests themselves. So maybe mix your comment and contextualization with voice excerpts from the guests, a bit like the tidbits you do at the start of the regular shows.