Venezuelan Oil Production Continues to Dwindle!

2019-03-14T21:50:05.000Z Honest Cash

Venezuelan Oil Production Continues to Dwindle!


The newest OPEC reports are in and for February Venezuela's Oil production was hitting the lowest production of the decade, just a bit over a million barrels a day. 

But these numbers are for February 19th and that was almost a month ago and before the huge energy blackout that the country had, some sources are saying that the Oil production got cut in half and some other people are saying that production is as down as 450,000 barrels a day right now due to the blackout. The reduced production due to inefficiency and the sanctions imposed by the USA might be just what it takes to finally empty the dictatorship's bank accounts, especially now that one of Venezuela's biggest buyers, a company in India won't be purchasing oil from PDVSA anymore due to the threat of sanctions by the USA. There's also reports of multiple oil tankers stuck on port due to no oil buyers across the globe for fear of USA sanctions. Maybe this will be the straw that breaks the camels back and finally sets the country on a better path by making the government adjudicate due to the lack of funds… but in my personal experience with living here in Venezuela, I'm pretty sure they won't go without a fight, they'll destroy everything they can as they leave just like the Russians did when they got invaded, a scorched ground policy of sorts, why would they do this to their own country? Well they are resentful and hate the people they govern obviously, otherwise why would they continue with these misguided policies and torture of the people? In most countries where there is a disaster the first thing the government does is provide aid in the form of water, non perishables foods and assistance to the people but what did this government do? They sent out their armed civilian (most likely cuban/cuban trained) thugs to shoot at the people and disperse protest, not even a bottle of water was given by the government to the people, only bullets, repression and pain. I can only hope that the end is near.