Small Chapel on the Panama Airport of Tocumen

2019-03-20T05:23:20.000Z Honest Cash


Recently I had to stay over 12 hours in a connection flight thru Panama and all I could do was explore the amazingly huge airport they had, it was pretty fun I guess and I took this photo on of a small chapel in the airport that its apparently used to marry people and it was blessed by the pope himself when he visited Panama earlier this year. It's small but it was pretty cozy and warm compared to the rest of the pretty cold and air conditioned airport that wss really getting under my skin after 6 hours since I didn't really bring a sweater to keep me warm lol. I would love to eventually visit Panama, especially to go to the Panama Canal, I've heard that it is quite awesome, especially if you like big machinery and I'm a pretty huge fan of trains, plains and ships :-) I think south America really has a lot to offer and it's under appreciated all around the world when people are deciding to go vacationing, its always Europe or Asia... Very few people decide to come to south America. I really hope that changes in the future, especially now since the continent is getting more and more connected with the internet and it's starting to grow it's presence in the world and now more than ever with Brazil changing from a relatively closed country into a more open and interested country in growing it's influence and being know world wide with its new president. Also thanks to its size and all the countries that Brazil borders, they could really become a true force of connection and a pathway to a more united south America, especially in commerce, tourism and politics because right now, what most countries down here have in common is only language and the love of soccer lol. Sorry, it seems like I went on a rant again and I was supposed to just talk about a photo lol