On The Edge

2019-04-09T05:37:52.000Z Honest Cash


The year was 20XX, decades ago the world was shrouded in a red mist of darkness and despair, no one knew where it came from or if it will ever go away.

Some of the bravest people of the land tried to find a solution early on, after believing they understood it, they went all in, the bravest and brightest of the tribe jumped right into the eye of the abyss, they gazed at true darkness in the eye and as the story goes, darkness gazed right back at them.

Nothing has ever been the same since then, all of the brave people died or where changed beyond recognition that day, they faced darkness head on, unprepared and faced the consequences, the relentless mist was unopposed to the dismay and regret of the people.

Slowly the tribes grew accustomed to the new earth and the plague that the mist imposed, people suddenly dropped dead, food famines and people disappearing into the mist where a common day to day occurrence.

Some people even thought this was their divine punishment for abandoning the word of god for the fake prosperity given by the all popular black substance, some blamed themselves for not anticipating the situation and for others, those born under the embrace of the red mist, pain and suffering where so normal and ingrained in their lives that they didn't even mind it.

They are called the lost generation even thought they don't consider themselves to be lost but you can see it on their tired eyes, looking at the horizon, imagining a future that may never come and even though they are the ones with no reason to fight or survive, they pride themselves on being the strongest of them all because how can pain and suffering break you when you where forged on the fires of misery and desolation?

They grew under the mist, losing a piece of themselves everyday, losing a piece of their souls everyday, their tears no longer flow because they have lost so much that it just doesn't hit as hard anymore… You could say that they just don't care anymore.

They where forged under the mist and have grown and learned to live in the storm of pain and toxicity it carries with it. They know who they are and will not be broken until the mist is gone or the light from their eyes is gone, because they are just too stubborn to quit…