Hello World!

2019-03-13T04:41:55.000Z Honest Cash

Hello Honest Cash! My name is Lunatic Pandora!(well not really, thats the internet name I go by but we don't know each other too well yet to be on a real name basis do we?) I found about Honest Cash thanks to my friend @numberofthings! As a regular poster on multiple social networks based on crypto currencies, I immediately saw the potencial of HC and decided to join right away, I thought there was going to be a waiting list but thankfully I got approved right away! A little bit more about me, I'm a Venezuelan and the thing I want the most is freedom for my country, I'm a lover of crypto currencies, I swear getting into them saved my life and I'm never not going to be pro crypto, I've spread the word of crypto currency to a few dozens of my compatriots and some of them have found deep change and opportunity thanks to them and I can never be thankful enough of the positive effect crypto has had in my life and on all the people around me but the work is barely starting! I'm also an internet writer, I write stuff and get paid, I also write stuff on other sites for myself and get paid in crypto(steemit) and I'm a Jr. Developer mostly in JS/node.js/Python so If you guys have a nice project where I could join and learn a lot... well it would be pretty cool to say the least, as a Jr. sometimes its really hard to find a job/project willing to take you in and show you the ropes... I'm 23 years old and aside from Crypto currencies, I guess my main hobbies would be Netflix and gaming, 2 weeks ago I started watching Bojack Horseman on Netflix and I already got through all the 5 seasons! A really amazing show! Feel free to ask any questions if you want guys! Also recommend me good people to follow here since right now I'm only following 1 person!