Building a community solving all problems.

2019-11-05T23:32:03.000Z Honest Cash

Following first crypto Bitcoin from 2010 and living in a country where we even cant make online payment easily till 2016 it was a painful experience. Internet gave me access to all knowledge I need to grow my mind while reading and listening to great minds around the world but Govt policies always limited to what I can do in action to be a part of this amazing blockchain revolution. As I am writing this in 2019 Pakistan govt put the ban on any type of crypto trade against cash.  But this never stopped me from creating a idea. What ever all govts do they cant ban, arrest and kill the ideas. With that believe I want one idea to become reality Solving all problems and destroying status quo all in one. As I said I believe blockchain to be more of a revolution rather then technology. I will share my ideas who knows this might become a reality. 

 Idea is to create a community which can grow foods in their little spaces as farming technology is escalating is  becoming easy to grow a large amount of food in small space and using hydroponic technology will eliminate the soil element seeing many projects on kickstarter or indiegogo these type of things can be a 10X10 feet decoration piece ( one should be artistic to do that) same goes with a dairy setup or a poultry this things can be done in one backyard without even creating a environment of a farm . Now suppose we have 10 members in a community growing 10 different types of food one can produce grains, other one vegetables and like this 10 different families growing 10 different types of food in their home or backyard. They will be left with excess food with them now here comes the importance of community A blockchain platform where they can list up their food in exchange of cryptocurrency and buy their others need from crypto they earned by listing their food this will create a echo system a community which is growing their own food and being sufficient in a top necessity .

Just Imagine if this can be done on a larger scale how many problems will it solve let me lists some of them. 1. Organic food 2. Food wastage 3. Ending hunger 4. Govt issued Currency circulation will be reduced  5. Giving people freedom from fear of hunger 6. A healthy life 7. A clean environment to breath in  and list can go one. this is a still rough idea and I know hundreds of problems can be point out in this rough sketch but still what are problem solvers for we can solve problems together any input in this any kind of suggestions any kind of improvements are welcome please feel free to share your wisdom. Thank you