Paint your city, painting No. 57.

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Paint your city, painting No. 57.

Dear brothers and sisters of my beautiful and an awesome Artist community dedicated to the Artists good evening, I am Julia from India, it's a pleasure for me to share some beautiful art with you and today I brings you a very beautiful wall painting of my own city and the credit goes to the several artists of my own city who joined this beautiful contest and painted this wonderful and a very beautiful painting on the wall of our city's park, and everyone is just enjoying the beautiful artwork and we all the Artists are feeling very joy, honour and happiness too as the government is running a contest for everyone to participate and paint your own city and the campaign name is Let's Paint Your City.








Here in this painting artists used the oil paint as the key element of art and the pic is very beautiful as here we added some flora and fauna paintings which are very beautiful art work and you will appreciate the efforts of artist as I hope.

Friends here you can see in the pics the complete story of LORD RAMA and his journey to the forest and meeting with great Saints of that time.

So we all the Artists decided to paint our own city and I will share with you all as soon as we paint any new wall painting and we are trying to paint railway station, parks and several public places where we can share our art and respect to our city.

So dear friends I want to request you all to start this wonderful event in your country city town or village and just contribute what you can do and add your best in this section to make your city beautiful and wonderful so it's looks like a fairy land where fairies come to the park and dance for a day and just imagine those fairies in the incarnation of little kids the girl child and boy child as these are the most beautiful creation I ever met in this world. So my friends never forget to share your views and contribution you made to your beautiful society, village town or city as we unitedly can change the world in better way.

So friends stay tuned for more exciting experiences.

With love and respect.

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