Beautiful landscape painting with watercolour.

2019-02-03T09:20:17.000Z Honest Cash

Dear brothers and sisters of @honestcash community good morning this is Julia from India. Wishing you all my wonderful friends and family members of this amazing and beautiful family I am so happy to join you all. Friends everyday life brings new opportunities and challenges to use our best skill and choose the diamonds of experience and beautiful surprises, enjoy every moment of life and happiness with your friends and family members as these moments if passed can't be retain by any precious material and I am not sharing any wonder of the world everyone knows this.

Thank Friends here I am sharing my landscape art based on watercolour with the theme of beautiful nature and our country land. Friends the beauty of nature is always close to my heart and I love flowers and greenery so much, it's my fate that I have a beautiful village where in the month of summer and rains I love to go there and enjoy the most awesome moments of my life in the lap of mother nature.

Here below I shared the complete making progress of this beautiful landscape and I hope you will appreciate my artwork.

Friends sometimes I missed the beauty of flowers and greenery because right now I am living in a city and so far from my beautiful village. In every morning the beauty of nature filled my heart with love and joy whenever I saw the greenery and the beauty of the Mother Nature, and I can say for sure this is the best moment of life when I am in my village and enjoy this beautiful phenomenon, and suggesting you to make your life full of nature closer, nature friendly and enjoy every moment of happiness.

Hey Friends share your opinion about this artwork as what do you think about this so I can add something new and interesting in my art and creativity.

With love and respect ✊