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Where to start. I Have been in Crypto since dec 2013. I first started acquiring "private money" or "p2p cash" when I finally understood what was going on and the market was crashing. The first three times I heard about Bitcoin and what it was being used for, the market price was climbing and I looked the other way. I knew something was up but I couldn't put my finger on it. I wrote it off as E-gold which was squashed almost as soon as it was created. At $30, $50 and $80 I was disinterested. But at $1200 and crashing It was all the talk.

Shady news travels fast. The saying goes a lie travels faster than honest news can put its shoes on, or something like that, so the first 3 times I heard about Bitcoin I was skeptical. For most people i know they enter the space anywhere from the 7th to the 10th time they hear about bitcoin or they've overheard me ramble on about protecting wealth on many occasions, or in some negative news which seems to be the mainstay with new ideas or news in general. All in all very new to me still at that point, I could see there was more to understand and learn than the headlines were leading on because of this monstrous climb in price, I had to know what this was all about. I started my personal finance story off as a gold bug or further back in college in economics class, but there's much more to that story which I can get into in another post.

I find myself educating people on most topics, I do read a lot, more like all day long, more than most it seems and I needed to acquire all the information I could, so 6 years later and its past midnight in NYC, you can understand my sentiment and why my never ending search for knowledge has lead me here sparked by the right idea. Protecting ones wealth and having a future were at odds in NY then and I regret not hearing or taking the news more seriously as most do in this space earlier. My thoughts were radical at that point according to the mainstream media and Ron Paul wasn't well received by the major players in the political discourse. He is my hero and volunteerism is my guiding principle so coming of age for me was riddled with minor setbacks.

The future is hard to predict so I won't flog myself publicly much longer but I could not have made a better choice when I took the first leap of faith at $700 and I bought a quarter of a bitcoin. This was most of my monies at that point but I kept acquiring all the way down, even picked two up at around $170. Most of my acquisitions were squandered one way or another with alter coins or a hack, but I held on to some BTC. I have since figured out how to trade with intellect rather than emotions and instinct rather than fear and the light is brighter than ever. If there is a truth to be had, it is have some conviction in life no matter the naysayer, stay strong and hodl on. This is my crypto story, this is my truth. I hope yours is just as excellent. "Our greatest joy is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall" a saying on a plaque in my kitchen growing up. Thanks to everyone who helped me become a better man and thanks to people like you guys who allow us to share ourselves with the help of technology to keep the playing field honest. My sincerest appreciation.

BCH gang!

Or w/e provides more freedom to the world.