Happy 420!  Here's $20 for your next Cannabis Delivery

2019-04-04T17:12:32.000Z Honest Cash

Well, if you live in Los Angles, San Diego, San Francisco or Portland Oregon, then you are in luck!

The most excellent cannabis delivery company, EAZE, is giving you a $20 credit just to sign up and use their service. just click this EXCELLENT LINK.

The author of this article has been a customer of Eaze for almost a year now. They charge the state and local tax, some of which you can avoid if you are a medicinal patient.

HOWEVER, they frequently have 20, 25 and 30% off various items, daily. If you buy you products on a certain day, you'll also avoid the massive tax.

The longest that the author of this article has ever waited was 1 hour for delivery. Usually they are there in 30 minutes.

Also, Eaze currently accepts credit cards, BUT there is usually a small service charge ($1.50) because they kind of have to hide the cannabis txs. HOWEVER, the author of this article has on first hand knowledge that Eaze is seriously considering going crypto, and BCH has been suggested. Clearly BTC, is not suitable with $1 fees ATM…

 Order some 420 and get $20 off when you sign up using this link HAPPY 420!!