How to import Your Honest wallet into Wallet

2019-01-19T19:01:05.000Z Honest Cash

All Honest users possess their Bitcoin Cash private keys. Your private keys are derived from something called a "mnemonic", "recovery phrase" or "seed" (used interchangeably) which is a string of words generated randomly. Honest does not have access to your private keys - we only store an encrypted version of your mnemonic on our servers. Your mnemonic is encrypted with your password that we never see.

We recommend every user back up their mnemonic or private key to make sure you can still access your funds in the event of an emergency, such as forgetting your password. Your mnemonic and private key can be backed up on the Honest Wallet page.

It is possible to import your Honest wallet into Bitcoin.Com Wallet, a multi-platform Bitcoin Cash wallet. Here's how you do it.

Step 1. Download Bitcoin.Com Wallet

Download for Android
Download for iOS
Download for MacOS
Download for Windows

Step 2. Import your recovery phrase

When you run Bitcoin.Com Wallet, you should first click on the "new/restore" icon, right next to Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

In the wallet creation view, choose Import wallet.

Next, type the recovery phrase that you can find in the Honest wallet. Then, choose the BCH (Bitcoin Cash) coin.


You can now receive notifications on every transaction that happens on Honest:

  • the upvotes that you receive for your content.

  • the rewards from upvoting

About the BCH address that Honest Cash uses

Note that Honest currently uses only the first address on the BIP39 wallet, derived from the recovery phrase. The full derivation path for the Honest wallet is: m/44'/0'/0'/0/0. If you send transactions in your Bitcoin.Com wallet, they may not show up in Honest.

We recommend using Bitcoin.Com to restore your Honest wallet only if you cannot access the funds on Honest itself and to monitor your wallet in a read-only mode.

If you have problems, please contact

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