How do we handle plagiarized content on Honest.Cash

2019-03-03T16:55:03.000Z Honest Cash

It came to our attention that one of the users (@hohenheim) has been plagiarizing content. As quickly as we have got to know about it, we could verify the provenance of the affected stories directly with the author and take appropriate steps.

The two stories that have been posted on Honest are now available under the following links:

If we receive takedown notices and the ownership can be proven, we will follow the following policy:

1. The story is taken down or the ownership of the story is shifted to the rightful author's Honest account.

2. The plagiarizing account will be marked accordingly and its content will not be displayed in the top or latest feeds. Upvoting will be disabled for these users.

3. If the story has been posted and promoted by our Twitter account, the relevant tweets will be deleted.


RE: How do we handle plagiarized content on Honest.Cash

by @trumanity

That's a very rational and just approach to plagiarism. Thanks to those persons doing their utmost to keep Honest Cash honest.