Honest Cash: Getting Started

2019-03-03T22:17:28.000Z Honest Cash

A place to publish your best work and discuss freely

The internet should reward quality thinking and be a place for an uncensored discussion. That’s why we’ve created a better home for writers, creators and thinkers. Honest allows you to earn money for your content, connects you to curious, avid readers, it's a place that is free from ads, uncensorable and simple to use, so you can focus on what matters: putting your best work out there to work for you.

For writers, creatives and thinkers, Honest is a content publishing platform where users can earn Bitcoin by creating value.

Here’s a quick guide to get you up and running on Honest Cash.

  1. Head to https://Honest.Cash/signup

  2. There you will find an option to login in with Email.

  3. Go through the signup process.

  4. You will receive an email confirming your account. Please click ‘confirm’

  5. Login.

  6. Once logged in you will see your fresh new feed, this is where articles and content created by those who you follow will appear.

Firstly you need to set up your personal profile. Head to the top right corner of your screen and click ‘my profile’ in the drop-down menu. Once in, you will have a couple of tasks to do before your profile is complete. Don’t worry it’s super simple.

  1. Upload an image - give us your cheesiest smile, or be totally anonymous, we’re easy. It’s not about what you look like, we just want you to make good content.

  2. Edit your bio. Big yourself up, talk about a project you’re working on--name drop. Whatever you want, just let your readers know a little about who you are and what you do.

  3. Add in your BCH address if you have one, or just leave it blank ( don’t worry if not, we will get into that soon)

  4. Add in your SLP token address if you have one of those too (head to Badger Wallet) if not, again just leave it blank.

Follow other creatives

Now you are all set up with your profile it’s time to fill your feed.

Start by following people highlighted in the ‘recommended author’ section found at the right-hand side of your feed.

You can also search for a topic from the list of topics on the left-hand side of your screen.

Start Writing!

Head to the top right hand corner of your page and click on the pencil symbol. You will find yourself on a fresh new page, ready to fill with incredible content.

If you're feeling freaky, try out the beta version of our Markdown Editor.

Be Honest.

Honest Cash welcomes a diverse mix of writers, creatives and thinkers.

We want you to write from the heart, without filters, without holding back. Be truthful and tell the world what they need to hear.

We’re an uncensored platform that you can use freely. Publish and distribute news others may be missing around the world, talk shop, woo readers with your romantic prose. Whatever, the platform is there for you to own and fill with your creative content.

Just be honest-- that’s all we ask.

Tag it right.

Once you hit ‘ready to publish’ you will be given the choice to add up to 5 tags to your post. Make sure to tag them appropriately so people can find your content.

Stand out from the noise.

Your headline needs to speak to your audience, catch their eye. The louder the better. Follow that with an informative subtitle and an image that reflects the idea of your article. Make sure to check your work for grammar and typos.

Pexels, and Unsplash are awesome to free sites to find images. Even better, use your own!

Earn upvotes!

Now, here’s the cool part. Instead of just accumulating empty ‘likes’ you can actually earn money for writing quality content. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with this, please take a second to read this guide.

You will automatically receive upvotes to your Bitcoin Cash wallet within Honest Cash.

To withdraw and top up to tip others, visit this guide. 


RE: Honest Cash: Getting Started

by @btcfork

Can't seem to upload my own avatar - the progress bar completes but then the upload window doesn't go away, I have to click 'X' to close it and my logo won't show. Tried png in resolutions down to 150x150.

The only domain I've still got blocked with Noscript / uMatrix is googletagmanager.com .

Do I need that just for setting the image, or could the problem be something else (image constraints etc)?

RE: RE: Honest Cash: Getting Started

by @GeoBitcoin

Me parece genial este tipo de páginas que nos ayudan a enterder de mejor manera el mundo de la moneda digital

RE: Honest Cash: Getting Started

by @siddartha

This guide was really useful for me to start on Honest Cash. I just joined yesterday only. One thing which took me a bit of time is that there is no home page or feed page. The "H" logo serves that purpose! But I figured it eventually. Between, if we don't add any external BCash address, then the default one works to receive tips, right?