Frequently Asked Questions

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Our mission is to get people paid for doing what they love on social media. You can earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for creating good content, finding good content, and commenting on good content.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency, peer-to-peer electronic cash and a payment network. It allows fast and cheap microtransactions. Read more about Bitcoin Cash here.

How can I earn for creating content?

You can create good content and other users will tip you if they like your work.

How do I earn for finding good content?

You can earn Bitcoin Cash by voting on good content early. Each vote costs 0.002 BCH and the payment goes to earlier voters and the creator. If many people vote on the same content after you, you profit.

Read more about this feature here:

How can I earn for generating discussion?

You can earn Bitcoin Cash by commenting on a content. Each content can be upvoted. Users who write responses can earn Bitcoin Cash from tips.

How can I earn from tips?

There are three ways to earn Bitcoin Cash from tips: People can tip you on the user page, they can tip you on your content, or they can tip you on your responses.

Does Honest charge fees?

Honest does not charge any fees for upvote transactions.

If you purchase a premium content behind a paywall on Honest, you send to an Honest address 20% of the whole paywall amount.

Is the content saved on blockchain?

We strive for uncensorable content. We offer writers an option to upload stories on Bitcoin Cash blockchain with the bitcoinfile protocol. We display the reference to the content saved on blockchain on the respective story page.

There is one misconception about the definition of "uncensorable". We will not prohibit any opinion expressed on the platform or try to censor it. However, content that promotes racism, crime, hate or similar will not be listed on the platform. Notwithstanding, the permissionless nature of the content saved on blockchain does not stop the owner of the content to promote such content somewhere else.

Does Honest.Cash work with ABC or SV version of BCH?

On, we work with Bitcoin Cash blockchain and our manifesto is aligned with the Bitcoin Cash ABC implementation.

What can I expect in the future?

Our roadmap is published here:

We guide the development by the following manifesto:

Honest should be:

  • You earn if you create good content
  • You earn for finding good content
  • Privacy-first
  • User-centric
  • Community-driven & open-source
  • Decentralize without sacrificing user experience
  • Uncensorable

Any other questions?

Please contact us at


RE: Frequently Asked Questions

by @DAYA18

very nice opportunity give us . I think this is learning and earning programme.

RE: Frequently Asked Questions

by @nilspn

I'd find it much preferable if one could select the tipping amount for a certain article. Personally I'd easily tip a few dollars for a quality article, but a mere 10 cents upvote just seems like a waste of time. And I don't see any other ways to tip here, though supposedly there are QR codes below articles and tipping a profile should be somehow possible. But I don't see these options.

RE: Frequently Asked Questions

by @vmodha

Your settings page is broken on all browsers - just see a loading spinner. I’m trying to unsubscribe to your emails. I can’t find your contact details anywhere - your help menu item takes me to this blog like page.

RE: Frequently Asked Questions

by @ultrarik

Seems great, wish upvoting was a bit cheaper tho

RE: Frequently Asked Questions

by @saimegh

Can i know when rewards are payed out ?

like in steemit we have 7 day period & here is there any period for that ?

RE: Payouts

by @honest_cash

The payments are peer-to-peer and happen without any intermediary. You receive bitcoin from the upvote transactions as soon as the transaction is broadcasted.

RE: RE: Frequently Asked Questions

by @anujneo

Instant Reward P2P, No waiting like steemit.

RE: Frequently Asked Questions

by @yhelliee


RE: Frequently Asked Questions

by @HLife88

I love the concept, however I am new here and have yet to explore the content.

What is meant by uncensorable? 

by @Telesfor

What is meant by uncensorable? Should the content be written to the blockchain or is it done in a different way?

This is how the option to record onchain content in Honest Cash works

by @somospolvo

When you publish a post, it is not automatically recorded in the blockchain, but the platform shows you the option to record it in the Bitcoin Cash blockchain in the bottom of your post once it has been published.

I think this is the best possible way, especially because who decides that your post is recorded in the blockchain is yourself (other users do not have access to the option to record third-party content in the blockchain).

In my opinion, that is an advantage over purely onchain social networks like Steemit, where in my opinion, the content (natively) ceases to be purely your property, because you can not delete it and you are limited to the possibility of editing it. .

Might need some update

by @amazingvijay

As soon as I posted my first story, the pop up message of success posting appeared on the right upper corner as usual but I think it should disappear in a few seconds so if the user want to write more content or go to their profile they could click on the options which were covered by this pop up which was actually not disappearing so to access those options I had to refresh the page, Please dev team check this.

And thank you for this plateform, let's hope for a great success to all of us.

RE: Might need some update

by @Tamir666

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