Earning Money On Honest Cash:Upvoting, Paywalls & Benefits

2019-04-22T10:42:12.000Z Honest Cash

In this guide ‘Earning Money On Honest Cash’, we will explain how you can earn money on Honest Cash and how to reward others for their quality content.

These are the areas we will cover: 

  • Upvoting

  • How to

  • Upvoting early

  • Paywalls

What is upvoting?

Upvoting is our way of allowing you to show your appreciation for other people’s content. Much like ‘Likes’ on social networks, or ‘Upvotes’ on Reddit but with a monetary reward for those who receive them.

Basically: You upvote content using $0.10 from your Honest Cash wallet. The person who created the content receives $0.10 to their Honest Wallet.

Here’s all the techy stuff if you want to understand exactly how it works.

How to upvote

There are two ways to upvote content. From your main timeline or within the content itself.

Here’s what it looks like in your timeline:

You will also find the upvote button at the bottom of each piece of content. There, you are able to see how many upvotes someone has received and** who** upvoted them.

Upvoting Early

There are financial benefits to upvoting early.

If you are the first person upvoting a story, you are effectively ‘ making a bet’ that this content will receive more than 5 upvotes.

After 5 upvotes your original tip is sent back to you. If the content generates more interest you **profit for finding it early. **

Example calculation:

You receive the 2nd upvote (60% of the total amount)

You receive the 3rd upvote (30% of the total amount)

You receive the 5th upvote (20% of the total amount)

You receive the 9th upvote (15% of the total amount)

You receive the 17th upvote (12% of the total amount)

You receive the 33rd upvote (10% of the total amount)

It means that after 33rd upvotes, you will receive almost 150% of your original tip and you will be receiving tips as long as the story is being upvoted.

It pays to use Honest Cash. 

For a more detailed explanation of the way upvotes work, read this guide by Adrian our CEO.

Using Paywalls

Paywalls are a cool feature we added that allows users to ‘lock’ some of their content. To unlock the content, users have to pay a small fee. That fee is sent directly to the content creator with a small percentage going towards Honest Cash to fund the development of our platform.

How to easily add paywalls to your content

1. Write your content as normal--click publish--then you will see a pop-up box like the one below:

2. Tick the box 'I have a paid section in my story'.

3. Enter the amount you want to charge to unlock your content.

4. Select the paragraph you want your paid section of content to starts using the up and down arrows. The red line indicates where the free section will end and the paid section begins.

5. When you're ready, hit publish!

6. Don't wait for the BCH to roll in, quality content needs quality marketing. Make sure you share your post on social media, as part of your email marketing, in online groups, comments, forums and with your family and friends.

Here’s the full explanation of what paywalls are and a breakdown of how the fees are distributed.

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RE: Earning Money On Honest Cash:Upvoting, Paywalls & Benefits

by @Tuventure

What happens when an author does a self-upvote? And repetitive self-upvotes? In all openness, perhaps accidental self-upvotes example when using the phone UI and how to counter self-upvotes to contain manipulation of post popularity?

RE: RE: Earning Money On Honest Cash:Upvoting, Paywalls & Benefits

by @jennylin

Authors should not be able to upvote their own content. However, I think it's important that the UI doesn't make upvoting by mistake easy, especially on mobile where a person might accidentally tap on a button when they're just scrolling. On Instagram for example, I sometimes follow people on accident but I can always unfollow. On Honest Cash, since there's money involved, the UX and UI is going to be crucial since you can't really undo an upvote.

RE: Earning Money On Honest Cash:Upvoting, Paywalls & Benefits

by @Tuventure

There's some vital privacy option missing.

Perhaps each writer can tick a checkbox if they want others to see how much each post earns?

Optionally let voters vote anonymously, they can have the option to show to public or only to the author.

It is psychology, when a dollar value is ascribed beside a post, the human eye tends to move towards the figure. Especially when the figure is rising, the figure is high. You can still let total count of "Likes" displayed prominently to attract more eyeballs, but give the option for privacy especially matters relating to money and earning money, tips and similar notion.

**Take a look at Steemit, tons of people posting or seeking up votes to try increase their income, attracting even more dubious users to copy. Some author even outright try to buy votes to increase the user's clout.

RE: RE: Earning Money On Honest Cash:Upvoting, Paywalls & Benefits

by @jennylin

I think Adrien mentioned all transactions should be visible for transparency but I think this will be worth bringing up again in the next product meeting.