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Giving you the choice to earn more Bitcoin Cash.

For 15 years or more, social media platforms and publishing platforms have tried to tackle the problem of monetization. But generally, the more aggressively they monetized, the worse their user experience. We didn’t want to follow that trend, being revolutionists and all.

So, after feedback from the community and our users, the team at Honest Cash decided to add a new feature instead, paywalls.

We wanted to be able to offer our content creators a new way to start earning revenue from their content…and paywalls are our most requested solution.

The main difference with Honest Cash vs other platforms is, our goals are aligned directly with the user--the more money you make, the more we profit and therefore you will receive a better experience as a user.

Very revolutionary.

As our CEO, Adrian Barwicki would say.

We believe that this kind of ‘direct sales’ from writer to reader, without the middle man, will enable a series of writers to actually generate additional income and maybe primary income. Hopefully, then, Honest Cash will grow to benefit everyone, without hindering experience and without taking from the user.

With the addition of paywalls, you can now earn Bitcoin Cash multiple ways on Honest Cash:

  1. Users unlocking your content

  2. for upvotes on your content

  3. and for upvoting early.

All you have to do is create quality content.

What are paywalls?

Paywalls on a basic level are the ability to lock part of your content and make it paid content. Much like content that you may see online that can only be made accessible with a ‘membership’. Instead, we give users the ability to charge for parts of their content. The concept of paywalls is very much in line with our company philosophy--supporting the free economy and giving our users a choice.

Locking part of your content will help create exclusivity and demand for your content. If users are unlocking your content, it’s because they’re enjoying what you do.

If you want the technical details, scroll down

Really, our main goal behind paywalls is to help all our users ( and potential new users ) determine the good content from the great. And of course, to incentivize only the best, highest quality content to be produced and to attract more users from the non-crypto world.

How our paywalls work

Readers can unlock the paywalls by transferring a selected amount of Bitcoin Cash directly to the author of the content using the ‘unlock’ button. Bitcoin Cash will then be moved from their Honest Cash wallet to the authors, almost instantly.

For each locked post associated with an account, each user with receive revenue in Bitcoin Cash based on how many times it is unlocked and the price that has been set to unlock it.

How to easily add paywalls to your content

1Write your content as normal--click publish--then you will see a pop-up box like the one below:

2. Tick the box 'I have a paid section in my story'.

3. Enter the amount you want to charge to unlock your content.

4. Select the paragraph you want your paid section of content to starts using the up and down arrows. The red line indicates where the free section will end and the paid section begins.

5. When you're ready, hit publish!

6. Don't wait for the BCH to roll in, quality content needs quality marketing. Make sure you share your post on social media, as part of your email marketing, in online groups, comments, forums and with your family and friends.

Honest introduces fees for paywalls

When unlocking content, readers send 80% of the paywall amount to the linked author's wallet account.

Then, 20% is sent to the Honest account (which you can track here).

Upvote transactions remain without any fees (excl. miner fees).

At this moment, paywalls are the only source of income for Honest Cash and will allow us to provide better services to you, without any ads.

We encourage you to review our new Terms of Service in detail, especially the section "Paywalls & Premium content (Member Services Terms of Service)".

To stay on top of our developments and updates, follow us on Twitter, join our Telegram & sign up to if you haven’t already!

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RE: Earn More Money For Your Content : Paywalls

by @asparagus

Awesome ! Here's some suggestions to make the website even better :

  • Add an icon next to the stories with paywalls so people know about it before clicking.

  • Writers with a following can offer their followers the ability to buy a month/year subscription in the form of SLP Tokens. Buying the Token/subscription has to be cheaper than buying articles individually. For example, if I have the $HONEST2019 token in my wallet, all stories behind a paywall published by the Honest_Cash account in 2019 will be automatically available to read.

  • The ability to delete stories (for some reason, I can't find a way to delete some of my articles).