Redefining the Future

2019-02-23T15:05:13.000Z Honest Cash

If you agree that the future won't be the same as today, in order to win in the future, you're gonna need to do things differently today.

Doing something different today is tied to a belief in a particular future state that doesn't exist today.

At an individual level belief by itself is meaningless - thinking something to yourself just isn't important. But if you can do something such that a group of people start believing in that same future, that's the first step in turning future belief into reality.

Thinking and doing, those actions combined can change the world.

The simplest act of doing - imo - is writing. Anyone can do it. And if you have an idea along with at least a couple readers, you can begin to change the future.

An example of how writing can change the future is by redefining a common concept, like subscriptions for example.

Ben Thompson, the one man army behind the always thought provoking Stratechery newsletter, redefined subscriptions in a recent daily post. In his words:

"[A subscription] is not a donation: it's asking a customer to pay money for a product. It's paying for the regular delivery of well-defined value."

It's paying for reliable, regular convenience.

Now I know I'm a dork, but I really think that is a brilliant re-thinking of subscriptions. Through that redefinition, more things can be subscribed to, and subscriptions can take on different forms.

It's in this way that the act of redefining a concept also can serve as the way to redefine the future.