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"Hello, is this Mr. Henderson?" There was no real reason for me to pick up the phone. The spam app on my cell called out the mystery number right away. But, hell, I thought. Fuck it. There was no one else left in life for me to talk to. Even a debt collector sounded good at the moment. My wife was murdered in 2015. There really isn’t an easy way to say that other than getting it out of the way early. It was a random robbery gone wrong. One rainy night, some sick tweaking fuck snuck into our house and shot her. The suspect was caught, two days later, and sentenced to life in prison. He still sits there today. I have worked in web development ever since. The job is remote, and the field caters to my hermit-like behavior out here in the woods of northern New Jersey. The lack of drug testing is really just an added benefit. I was perfectly free to fuck up the remainder of my own life. I don't have any friends, anymore. Not really. Sometimes… I guess it is easy to look for companionship in all the wrong places. "Senior or junior?" I replied to the lady with a sigh before settling into the armchair in my office with a bottle of wine. It was raining that night. The wind whipped the old pine tree in our back yard so hard I thought it might topple. "Uhh… Senior," said the pretty, calm voice on the other line. She sounded familiar, but I blamed that notion on the half empty bottle of wine. "Apologies, ma'am, but… Senior died six years ago." I said, a little annoyed at the lack of record keeping at this place. She paused. "Oh gosh… gosh that is not what we have here. I am so sorry, Sir. We were not aware. Please forgive the intrusion and assumption. Would you mind pausing while I check my records?" A filing cabinet clicked steadily in the background as static crinkled. My guess was that the woman held the receiver to her shoulder. I chuckled a bit at the lack of audio quality. "No, no, no that is okay, no problem at all. No worries. Why don't you start by telling me your name?" I asked, cursing myself for the hint of shameless flirting at the end. She giggled. Something about that laugh was very familiar. "My name is Emily, and I work with his credit card company," she said in a rehearsed tone. "Unfortunately, we cannot divulge which firm over the phone if you are not on the account… which uh… you just admitted yourself, of course…" "Okay.” "I am guessing that you are Mr. Henderson's son," she mumbled while audibly thumbing through papers. "Yes ma'am, that's right. But it's been years… I could not possibly be stuck with the old man’s debt, right?" I asked hopefully. "Well, let's check, shall we?" there was a panicked shuffling and opening of books in the background. "I am so sorry, Sir," she replied with a regretful tone. "The rules are in one of those three-ring binders, and they are very difficult to find. Please hold for a moment." "That's okay… did not know anybody still kept records that way… do I get an e-mail confirmation of this charge as well?" I asked. "Excuse me?" "Email… like… electronic mail. A confirmation of the charge?" I asked again, allowing my confusion to turn to frustration. What was this lady’s problem? "We don’t do that here… still a few years away from all those fancy features,” she continued. “But as you know, late payments are a pretty serious issue. They can even affect the credit score of an individual when a large amount has not been paid." "Okay, okay, of course," I said, genuinely starting to grow worried and a bit flustered. "What can I do?" "Is there a Mrs. Henderson in the household?" she asked quietly. "Mrs. Henderson died in ‘06,” "What year did you say? Oh my gosh. That is so horrible. I really am batting one thousand today." I gasped. That was it. That phrase. I don't know if it was the way she said it, or the fact that simply not that many people used that exact language. But as soon as she did… something clicked in my memory. My wife worked for a credit card company, before we met. Her name was also Emily. The voice sounded like hers… but it was younger. More hopeful than I remembered. "What is your last name?" I asked. The line was silent. "Look, look, I know that's a weird question. But please, I think we know each other.” "I can't give that information out…" she started "Okay. Did you go to Jefferson Memorial High School?" "Yes…" she said, astonished. "How did you know that?" It was impossible. Emily was dead. The voice on the phone barely even sounded like her. It was younger, happier, more optimistic. This type of dream was actually the type of thing that had kept me up a million sleepless nights in the past. And yet, I was awake. Could it be a coincidence? "Is your mother's name Eva?" There was silence on the other end of the line. Then her mouse-like reply confirmed my suspicions. "Who is this?" I took a deep breath. Either I understood what was happening, or I lost my mind. Might as well enjoy the ride. “This next question is going to sound strange. What is today's date?" "I am sorry, Sir… what..? One moment." She paused and shuffled around some more papers. "Today's date is July 9th, 1999." It was impossible. Could it be the storm? The anniversary of her death? "Emily, listen to me." "Okay, Sir, this conversation is getting a little strange… let's keep it to the payment plan…" "Listen to me very carefully…. One day…. one day you are going to meet a man. You are going to love him, Emily. And he will love you more than you ever know.” I had to give her something to remember. “On your first holiday together, he will buy you one gift for all twelve days of Christmas.” "Sounds dreamy," she replied with a laugh and a sigh. “Are you one of those psychics?" "I am serious. You will marry this man, Emily. He will buy you the ring you always wanted. The ceremony will be In a beautiful one in your home town. Your entire family will be there, including Aunt Zelda and your grandma from Tennessee.." “I like this fortune cookie,” she said with dripping sarcasm. “But two years later, on July 9th, 2015, you will be murdered in the home you share together.” She shifted the phone nervously. "So what do I do?” First, I tried to tell her to avoid the house that day. To never date me, to stay away forever and find a better life somewhere else. But somewhere in the middle of my rant, the line disconnected to the tune of a blood curdling scream. I called back to find a non-working number. She never answered again. I fell asleep listening to the thunder rolling through the sky. The scream from that night repeated from time to time while flashes of her body on the floor occasionally invaded my mind. I never questioned the call. I never asked why. Maybe it was God; maybe it was just time. But yesterday morning, when I woke up… Emily was by my side.
no matter the muster to resist; the breeze that moves the leaves continues to blow, no matter the bluster, the willow holds branches waving to greet you and welcome you home no matter the yearning, or love you surrender, to summer's night sky, stars keep their distance: upon charcoal slate and cosmic canvas, a comic display twinkles and glints, elysium's winking, she already knows that the show must go on -- with nowhere to go, and no hurry to find a faucet to bottle nature's home remedy to soothe a bruised soul.
The world we live in is a virtual reality. A computer simulation. The matrix, if you will. We have all heard the analogy before but I assure you -this is no analogy. Unfortunately the limitations of language prevent me from fully expressing what it is I am trying to convey but I will do my best. If only humans could communicate the way dolphins do.. holographic thought forms that are encoded in the sounds they make, and then decoded by the receiving dolphins brain. If a dolphin wants to tell a group of his buddies "hey there are some fish over here" he sends out the message -"tick tick" and the other dolphins literally "see" an image of the exact fish, and they know even before they get there what they're dealing with. Do you see how it works? This is a prime example and demonstration of the holographic universe and the way information flows. I believe at some point in time humans had the same ability, to know without using words, but due to cultural programming and the English language, we lost it. Ultimately what we call 'intuition' is the baby version of the same thing dolphins have been doing forever… OK so what does all this have to do with living in a computer simulation? Everything is information, including you. Quantum physicists are starting to understand now that our universe functions almost exactly like a computer (and as they will soon see, a block-chain). It's been recently discovered that the entire universe actually "blinks" or flickers OFF and ON again at a rate of 1.1 THz (trillion cycles per second) -dubbed the Lighthouse Frequency. This process is happening SO fast that our brains are unaware of it. It's akin to having the FPS or frames per second on a video game so high that the image never skips or tears or breaks. So, why is it doing this?? And what is it doing?? Well, to use a cryptocurrency analogy; mining. Mining intelligence, life experience. Intelligent/sentient lifeforms are nodes, operating on consensus mechanisms (culture) just like a block-chain. All galaxies are self contained units. Within the center of each galaxy resides something scientists are still trying to understand; a super-massive black hole. The stars on the outer edges of most (probably all) galaxies are SO far away from the galactic center that by all calculations they should be hurled out into space. Their velocity, weight, and the fact they are so far from the galactic core, that not even the gravity from the black hole is enough to keep them in place, yet, they remain. What is holding galaxies together? Even space itself is expanding at a rate faster than light. It has to or else when you turned on a light in the room you would see the back of your head in front of you and that wouldn't be a pretty sight. So even with space itself expanding, the smallest bodies from cells, to us, and entire galaxies are held together by some mysterious force. So if we consider every galaxy is a self contained unit that would imply that, staying within that mechanism, nothing can really leave or go outside said galaxy. In fact the ancient Mayan civilization believed when we die that your soul or spirit would be 'absorbed' back into the galactic core or "Hanub Ku" and enter into the cycle of rebirth. And if we look at this as a systematic or mechanical process we start to see a bigger picture emerge. Think of a black-hole like a computer hard drive. For everything that exists within a given galaxy it must first exist as information on the surface of it's super massive black-hole. Scientists have proven that an object can be in two places at once, as electrons can be in two places at the same time. But for this thought experiment to work we must not think of physical matter as solid, but instead as information. Physical objects are mostly empty space. Atoms are mostly empty space. What we "see" as the physical world is actually just information that our brains are processing/filtering to en-train a certain frequency we call visible light. The brain doesn't really 'create' anything, in fact the brain is actually a receiver not a generator. The organs of the body generate emotions and it's the brains job to simply create and keep track of 'maps'. There is a common misunderstanding in science that the act of observation can affect the outcome of events. This is false. The universe is based on something called probability. It will render things based on the likelihood of what is probable and that depends entirely on 'information'. As an example, lets say there is a human who is out for a walk one day and they come across a forest that somehow no living being has ever seen before. First time this forest has had eyes laid on it. By the outer edge of the forest they notice a fallen/dead tree. They take note of it and go on their way only to later meet an unfortunate fate and be eaten by an overprotective mamma bear looking out for her cubs. The next day a different person comes along and happens upon the same forest. Question: Do they see the same fallen/dead tree the first person saw? Stop and think about this. Do they? You may be surprised to learn the answer is actually no. They just see a forest. Why though? What happened to the dead tree? Well, it was erased. Not the tree, -the information. Again the system can only render things based on the likelihood of what is probable. The information that said there was a dead tree on the outer edge of the forest was erased when the first person got eaten by the bear, and so the second person just sees a forest with no dead tree. Do you see how this works? In classical science the same thought experiment can be applied to a real world event called the Double Slit Experiment. In this experiment scientists shined a light through two slits and observed interference patterns on a screen behind the slits. It was noted that when they did not measure or take recordings of the photons passing through the detector, the interference pattern suggested photons had wave like behavior. However when measurements were taken the interference pattern on the screen changed to suggest the photons were behaving like particles! Classical science would suggest its the act of measurement or observation that is somehow affecting the wave to become a particle. They are close but this is where they got it wrong. It is not the act of measurement or observation that determines the outcome of events, but the fact that there is "information". Say for example this experiment is performed again and measurements are taken by the sensors, and the data is recorded so the screen shows an interference pattern with photons behaving as particles. What do you think would happen if the information was erased? Experiment done, data stored and everyone goes home for the night. But overnight there's a critical hard drive failure and the data gets corrupted. When the scientists come back in the morning and look at the screen, do they see a wave interference pattern or a particle? Yup, the interference pattern goes back to being a wave. How? For the same reason the second person in our story before did not see the same fallen tree as the first person. The information was erased. The universe/system can only render based on the likelihood of what is probable. And what is probable depends on information. This is why there are rules, the laws of physics as we call them. The universe was programmed on some very specific and predetermined parameters. It is by no means an accident, not random, not meaningless. We are all part of something much bigger than ourselves. The thoughts you think affect your body. Your body is a holographic projection of information and your mind is the gateway. Over 60% of your body is water and 80% of your brain is water. Water is a biological computer that has memory. It has been scientifically proven if you send intention to water that its molecular structure can change. Scientists performed experiments where groups of people project different thoughts to different bodies of water and then they observed the water under a microscope. If you send kind loving thoughts to water the most beautiful geometric patterns emerge. If you send violent or hateful thoughts to it then the patterns become distorted and disharmonious. This type of phenomenon is very similar to how dolphins communicate in that there is always more information encoded into our perceptions that we are consciously aware. The real point is that ultimately your thoughts affect your body in a very powerful way. The music you listen to affects your body in a very powerful way. You can change your state of being simply by being present with yourself and acknowledging your current state of being without wanting to change anything. The power of now is real. Water can do something very special and that is 'flip' out of this dimension. The molecule is so small that it can literally flip inside out and access something called "time space". In our dimension (Space-Time) we have three dimensions of space and one of time. In time-space there is one dimension of time and THREE dimensions of space. So over there, when you move through space you're actually moving through time. This alternate reality is likely on the other side of a black hole. And whatever it is, could be the very origins of our universe and the big bang itself.
We live in a new economy where society is adapting to the new financial operations and processes in the Crypto world, everything is changing dramatically, because there is a need to demonstrate the effective functioning of the new alternatives with respect to finance in these early years of the twenty-first century. In Honest Cash and in all platforms based on cryptocurrency we are committed to do well to be successful and implement innovations and make more attractive the work of creating quality content. I live in a country that has one of the most serious and unprecedented economic crises on the planet, such as Venezuela, but through the world of Crypto I have been able to find authentic financial stability, through my contribution of quality in each of the spaces to which I belong. The possibility that we have is infinite and this awakens a great feeling of emotion in those who once thought that this could be a utopia, but the most relevant thing is that we can already feel the future that lies in our own hands. All of us who come here can shape what we want Honest Cash to become and when I really write I always keep sincerity as the basis of presentation. Words come globally to the intelligent community that is paying attention, which are linked to ideas that can succeed from a partial or definite aspect. The opportunity we have to be pioneers will determine the concentration lapses to drive the best projects.
God Realisation. image source https://goo.gl/images/r9p9Vo God in form is visible, We can touch Him, is possible. As the sound of a bell is audible, He exists in the form, is credible. As the watch man can see, With the help of dark lantern. To whom he throws it's raise, Unless he turns the light upon himself. We have born in this world, To realise God in everything. We can see Him every where, Without diverting our minds on other things. When we are able to attain self knowledge, We can attain the eternal one college. @oodeyaa
I came to travel writing and travel photography out of a need to document our anthropological past. While studying archaeology, I developed a photographic style based on my ability to record historical remains for academic publications. As an important part of the overall scientific process, written documentation and photography helped me expose important details about the human experience. As my field of study narrowed to shipwreck archaeology, my camera, and yes my journal, came with me underwater. Shipwrecks are compartmentalized time capsules that reveal a tremendous amount about shipboard life and the cultures from which they came. Through photography, I was again able to document the stories being uncovered during underwater excavations. Moving beyond the academic, writing and photography, as art, came into focus as I began to investigate the many cultures where I worked. During these occasions, I tried to document the everyday life in which I found myself. I tried to capture spontaneous raw emotions as they unfolded out on the street. There was also travel photography because of my fascination with our past. Capturing images of historic sites, wonders of the world, and long forgotten testaments to human achievement are also a major component of my portfolio. Pushing underwater photography as well, I have moved beyond simply recording historical relics. Instead of viewing what is visible as if to be presented in an academic catalog, I now present stories of the marine life that have made their home in the remains and in our oceans. The underwater environment presents tremendous opportunities for the skilled photographer and I try to bring back as much of its beauty as possibly each and every dive. Today my style continues to develop as I hone my skill both above and below water. I continue to learn and train to drive my photographic skill still farther. I live to travel and want nothing more than to bring back my experiences to share with others.
[This is the same story as "Swiat dla Ell" but translated to English.] "Hi, Ors. What are you thinking up today?" Mar pushed her way between the chairs and stood behind the man, brazenly staring at the three-dimensional image on the desktop. "A monster," he replied and looked at the girl. She was just over eighteen, with short black hair and green eyes. She was the youngest employee of the X Incorporated design department, a company dealing with almost everything from combat robots to children's toys. She winced and wrinkled her nose. "Monsters and monsters. What kind of imagination do you have?" "Monstrous." They laughed. Ors, who had long since crossed the age of forty, felt remarkably young in the company of Mar. Sometimes he wished he had a daughter like her. "Leave it and let's go eat something," she suggested. Ors stood up slowly and limped behind the girl. He was a tall middle aged man with dark blond hair and steel-gray eyes. He would be quite handsome if his features were not distorted by the scar running across his face from the right temple to the left side of the chin. The missions during the never ending war with Dominion left him with many such souvenirs and with the left leg stiff and shorter by a few centimeters than the right one. Mar's boyfriend, Luk, was waiting for them at the bar. The young ones greeted each other tenderly and sat at a table in the corner, leaving room for Ors. They ordered the dish of the day. Luk looked serious. He did not even smile when Mar tried to cheer him up. He just looked at both of them and asked, "Have you learned something yet?" "About what?" "They destroyed your home, Ors." The message did not trigger the expected result. The man only smiled. "And what?" He asked "It will rebuilt itself. That's how it's designed." Luk shook his head. He waited for the waitress to leave and denied, "No, not like that. Not a building. Your planet." Ors looked as if someone let the air out of him. He stared at Luk and whispered, "Whole Cetis? Just like that?" The younger man nodded. Ors hid his face in his hands. "Millions of beings," he whispered "They only wanted peace. After all, there was nothing there to start a war for." Mar put her hand on his shoulder. "We know," she said "It's an agricultural planet, right?" Ors nodded. After a moment, he stared at Luk again. "Who?" he croaked. "The Machines." "That's impossible! They never showed any hostile intentions." "So obviously they did now. They hit both sides of the ongoing war, The Free Worlds and The Dominion at the same time. Showing that they want to join our war." Ors shook his head. "No," he stood up "They would not destroy something they'd created." He spun on the heel of his healthy leg and left. *** Ors took the elevator to the forty-eighth floor, where the flat he rented was located, let the sensor near the door scan the image of his retina and went inside. The place was small - a room with a kitchenette and a small bathroom. A single retractable bed, a round table with two chairs and a desk were all the rooms amenities. Ors did not need more, as his real home was on Cetis. Here he came back only for Ell. He sat down at the desk and listened to the quiet rumble of a computing unit that was starting up. Memories pressed on him. Ell. He remembered her too well. She was eighteen when they met, with auburn hair and hazel eyes. She valued naturalness. Like he did. They were great for several months of meetings on Lena III, one of The Free Worlds. Later, there was a war, and he was sent to pilot the combat robot, Xyber, into the areas conquered by The Dominion. Mission after mission, world after world, days, months, years… Strictly taking two years. So brief, yet so long. When he returned, she had become the wife of the CEO of X Incorporated. They tried to meet in secret, but it did not last long. Col, Ell's husband, learned about them and arranged with the military a mission Ors would not return from. During the war between The Free Worlds and The Dominion, some of AIs developed consciousness and left to create the Republic of Machines, based on several distant planets. It was growing technologically, but ignored the two struggling factions of humanity. Ors and three other soldiers were to infiltrate their home world, steal advanced technology and, if possible, destroy the data structures. Neither The Dominion nor The Free Worlds wanted a neighbor with potential weapons that they could not understand and that they were afraid of. The Machines detected the spies right away and took Xybers away from them. The pilots became diligently observed prisoners. They had to demonstrate abilities useful for their captors to survive. Ors thrived in the technology driven republic because he had a talent to build and improve devices. He also dealt quite well with computer systems. The other one to survive was Vit, the pilot of the second robot who turned out to be a genius of cyberspace. They worked for the Machines for fifteen years, away from the war of the humans, getting to know their world and views, and later they were sent to Cetis for "retirement." The planet was a place adapted for all who have ever worked for the Republic of Machines. After the technical worlds it gave a breathing space captivating the greenery of forests and the purity of water. People sent back there decided not to change it, not to industrialize Cetis. They built simple houses, tamed animals, hunted, fished and farmed the land. If they needed something – the Machines provided it. They had access to media and subspace channels, but they rarely used them. Ors also built a house in the forest and enjoyed simple life like everyone else. Except one detail. In the basement he was working on a project that when he chose to go back to The Free Worlds it would get him closer to Ell. Together with Vit, he created a new type of extended link to the Xybers, one allowing remote control of robots from a specially designed cabin instead of a physical presence behind the controls inside of the machine. They also programmed a kind of self-preservation instinct. When Col died they decided to disclose, counting on Ell's favor. Ors and Vit presented their project to X Incorporated. After a brief but insightful research period, the company began to apply new technology from Ors and Vit's work into all freshly produced combat robots. The Mercenary League, delighted by the increased efficiency of remotely controlled Xyber and nearly zero losses in humans, sent all its machines for upgrade. Ors oversaw the whole process and approached Ell, who now led X Incorporated. Happiness was a step away when the woman fell ill with a plague brought from a distant planet. Her death deepened the bitterness of Ors and his disgust for the ongoing war with The Dominion. The company was taken over by Ell's son and the project was continued. Ors had nothing left to care for, except his home on Cetis. And now he learned that Cetis was gone… The man shook his head to free himself from the memories. The last stage of the project remained to be triggered - awakening the self-preservation instinct. "Tanu," he said. A three-dimensional image of a person appeared on the table top and took on Ell's appearance. To honor the boss's memory, X Incorporated created a program that advised and did a dirty job in cyberspace. Ell's personality was transferred and Tanu was given her appearance very convincing. Unfortunately, memory has not been preserved. Or maybe it wasn't supposed to be. "Hello, Ors. Are you still doing the same?" "Yes, Tanu," the man took a cigar from Cetis from his pocket and lit it. "It's a pity you do not remember me," he muttered. "I do not remember you," admitted the program. "But I like you. And I'm sorry." "Because of Cetis?" The figure on the hologram nodded. Ors blown smoke. He looked like someone making an important decision. "Tell me, Tanu, who did it." "The Machines," the answer came. He winced. "This is the official version. And the others?" The figure disappeared to come back in a moment. "Come to me," she said flirtatiously. He connected himself to the network and got surrounded by a feast of colors. Shortly he saw Tanu in a bright airy dress. She extended her hand to him. She spun around and pulled him to her. Here he could dance. They swirled. "I have a new Cetis for you," she whispered. "All you have to do is to come to me. Indestructible, even out of reach of The Dominion. Do you want it?" They whirled. "You're tempting, Tanu. Maybe someday…" She stopped in his arms. She even smelled like Ell. "I'll wait. Now go." He returned to reality. Tanu was smiling in the hologram. She had a specific way of communicating information, especially secrets. The Dominion. They were behind everything, Ors was certain that The Dominion influenced the Machines to destroy his home. Well, he will answer them. He'll give The Free Worlds a terrifying advantage and let The Dominion worlds burn! Ors ceased to care for the innocent, after all a war was a war, and they did not spare the peaceful residents of Cetis. He took the mini disk out of the drawer and put it in the reader. A row of numbers appeared on the screen. The final passcode of the project. He sent it to the main server and went to sleep. *** When the secret code was received, accepted and confirmed by all Xybers with the new link, X Incorporated issued a banquet to celebrate the success of the project. From the pilot's room located in the back of the building, Ors connected with a huge battle robot standing in front of the company's skyscraper to present his invention. Instantly he was virtually inside the Xyber's cabin and heard a quiet greeting. He answered the same and thought the movement. The robot reacted smoothly, as integrated with the pilot. They took a few steps, destroyed the set targets and avoided a sudden attack. Xyber understood what it was doing. The last code activated the Intelligence of the Machines in it, a module, now installed in every combat robot, which Ors had once received at Cetis for research. It gave its own judgment to the Xybers. "Withdraw now, pilot, but stay in cyberspace," Ors heard the nice voice of the robot tell him. He did as he was told. The events went on quickly. The first Xyber missiles destroyed the transmission booth, the rest half of the corporate skyscraper. *** Ors woke up on the bench next to his home on Cetis. He breathed a sigh of relief. He must abandon this project. Too many nightmares were bothering him lately. He stretched and walked briskly to the door. Something was wrong. He went inside. Ell smiled. "Well, sleepyhead. Breakfast is ready." "Okay, I'm just gonna wash my hands." He closed the bathroom door behind him and his eyes fell on the cane standing in the corner. Who needed that? He washed his face, admiring himself in the mirror. His features were smooth and scar free, like they hadn't been for years. He entered the kitchen and kissed his beloved. They sat down for breakfast. The impression of unreality has intensified. "Darling, I invited Mar and Luk today for dinner. Do you mind?" He looked at the woman intently. Sparks scoured in his gray eyes. "No, Tanu, I do not mind. You saved them, didn't you?" Ell/Tanu gave him a surprised glance and confirmed: "Same way I saved you. Personality transfer. I did not want you to be alone. Others will join as well. Cetis is a gift from the Republic of Machines for those who helped us get rid of the threat from humans. Did you suspect what it will be like?" Ors smiled. "That new Cetis will be virtual? Yes, from the moment yesterday you asked me to join you. But why did the Machines attack? They never interfered. I thought their logic would not allow killing." She answered; "It doesn't let us kill your war machines, because they are the same race." The man slowly got the meaning of her words. "And humans are not," he said slowly. "Machines always had an eye on the threat we presented. We were constantly trying to destroy their intelligence, make them slaves. How could I do something like that?! How could I have thought that the Machines would not want to get rid of us?" Tanu stood up and shrugged. "Humanity will survive. I think so. We will bring you back to the level before space flights. We do not have to destroy the whole race, it's too energy consuming. And Ors, it's not your fault. We've been working on you for fifteen years. We had to give you the conditions for creative actions, cherish the desire for revenge, give Cetis, take away Ell, give Tanu, finally take away Cetis. It worked. Your world is still fighting, but it's a matter of time. You have as much time as you want. You have your Cetis." "And I have you." Tanu began to dissolve. "No, you don't. I will send you others. I'm just a ghost in the machine." THE END
[This is the same story as "A world for Ell" but in Polish, its original language.] – Cześć, Ors. Co dziś wymyślasz? – Mar przecisnęła się między krzesłami i stanęła za mężczyzną, bezczelnie wpatrując się w trójwymiarowy obraz na pulpicie. – Potwora – odparł i spojrzał na dziewczynę. Miała niewiele ponad osiemnaście lat, krótkie czarne włosy i zielone oczy. Była najmłodszą pracownicą działu projektowania X Incorporated, firmy zajmującej się niemalże wszystkim, od robotów bojowych po zabawki dla dzieci. Skrzywiła się i zabawnie zmarszczyła nos. – Potwory i potwory. Jaką ty masz wyobraźnię? – Potworną. Zaśmiali się. Ors, który dawno już przekroczył czterdziestkę, czuł się zadziwiająco młodo w towarzystwie Mar. Czasem żałował, że nie ma takiej córki. – Oderwij się od tego i chodźmy coś zjeść – zaproponowała. Ors wstał powoli i pokuśtykał za dziewczyną. Był wysokim ciemnym blondynem o stalowo szarych oczach. Byłby całkiem przystojny, gdyby jego rysów nie zniekształcała blizna biegnąca w poprzek twarzy od prawej skroni do lewej strony podbródka. Misje podczas niekończącej się wojny z Dominium pozostawiły go z wieloma takimi pamiątkami oraz z lewą nogą sztywną i krótszą o kilka centymetrów od prawej. W barze czekał już na nich Luk, chłopak Mar. Młodzi powitali się czule i usiedli przy stoliku w kącie, zostawiając miejsce dla Orsa. Zamówili zestaw dnia. Luk wyglądał poważnie. Nie uśmiechnął się nawet, gdy Mar próbowała go rozweselić. Spojrzał tylko bacznie na oboje i zapytał: – Wy jeszcze nic nie wiecie? – A o czym? – Zniszczyli twój dom, Ors. Wiadomość nie wywołała oczekiwanego rezultatu. Mężczyzna uśmiechnął się tylko. – I co z tego? – zapytał. – Odbuduje się. Tak jest zaprojektowany. Luk potrząsnął głową. Poczekał, aż kelnerka odejdzie i zaprzeczył. – Nie, nie tak. Nie budynek. Planetę. Z Orsa jakby ktoś nagle spuścił powietrze. Wbił spojrzenie w Luka i wyszeptał: – Całe Cetis? Ot tak? Młodszy mężczyzna pokiwał głową. Ors ukrył twarz w dłoniach. – Miliony istot – wyszeptał. – Chcieli tylko spokoju. Przecież tam nie było niczego, o co warto prowadzić wojnę. Mar położyła mu dłoń na ramieniu. – Wiemy – powiedziała. – To rolnicza planeta, prawda? Ors pokiwał głową. Po chwili znów wbił spojrzenie w Luka. – Kto? – wychrypiał. – Maszyny. – To niemożliwe! Przecież nigdy nie wykazywały wrogich zamiarów. – Jak widać wykazały teraz. Uderzyły w Wolną Strefę i Dominium jednocześnie. Pokazując, że chcą dołączyć do naszej wojny. Ors pokręcił głową. – Nie. – Wstał. – Nie zniszczyłyby czegoś, co same stworzyły. Okręcił się na pięcie zdrowej nogi i wyszedł. *** Wjechał windą na czterdzieste ósme piętro, na którym znajdowało się wynajęte przez niego mieszkanie, pozwolił czujnikowi przy drzwiach zeskanować obraz siatkówki i wszedł do środka. Lokal był niewielki – pokoik z aneksem kuchennym i małą łazienką. Pojedyncze chowane łóżko, okrągły stolik z dwoma krzesłami i biurko stanowiły całe wyposażenie pokoju. Więcej Ors nie potrzebował, bo jego prawdziwy dom był na Cetis. Tutaj wrócił wyłącznie dla Ell. Usiadł przy biurku i wsłuchał się w cichy pomruk budzącej się do życia jednostki obliczeniowej. Opadły go wspomnienia. Ell. Pamiętał ją aż za dobrze. Miała osiemnaście lat, gdy się poznali, kasztanowe włosy i orzechowe oczy. Ceniła naturalność. On też. Było im wspaniale przez kilka miesięcy spotkań na Lenie III, jednej z planet Wolnych Światów. Później i tam dotarła wojna, a jego wysłano do pilotowania robota bojowego, Xybera, w głąb Dominium. Akcja za akcją, świat za światem, dni, miesiące, lata… Ściśle biorąc dwa lata. Tylko dwa i aż dwa. Gdy wrócił, była już żoną prezesa X Incorporated. Próbowali jeszcze się potajemnie spotykać, ale nie trwało to długo. Col, mąż Ell, dowiedział się o nich i załatwił Orsowi misję bez powrotu. Podczas wojny pomiędzy Wolną Strefą a Dominium część sztucznych inteligencji zyskała świadomość i utworzyła Republikę Maszyn, która rozwijała się technologicznie, ale ignorowała dwie walczące frakcje ludzkości. To ten świat mieli we czterech zinfiltrować i wykraść tamtejszą technologię, a jeśli to możliwe – zniszczyć struktury danych. Ani Dominium ani Wolna Strefa nie chciały potężnego sąsiada, którego nie potrafiły zrozumieć i którego się bały. Maszyny wykryły szpiegów od razu i odebrały im Xybery. Byli pilnie obserwowanymi więźniami. Musieli wykazać się przydatnymi dla Maszyn zdolnościami, by przetrwać. Orsowi się powodziło w rozwiniętym technologicznie świecie, ponieważ posiadał talent do konstruowania i ulepszania urządzeń. Radził sobie też całkiem nieźle z systemami komputerowymi. Przeżył także Vit, pilot drugiego robota, który okazał się być geniuszem cyberprzestrzeni. Odpracowali dla maszyn piętnaście lat, z dala od wojny toczonej przez ludzkość, poznając przy okazji ich świat i poglądy, a później zostali wysłani na Cetis na “emeryturę”. Planeta ta była miejscem zaadaptowanym dla tych, którzy kiedykolwiek pracowali dla Republiki Maszyn. Po stechnicyzowanych światach dawała wytchnienie urzekając zielenią lasów i czystością wód. Ludzie odesłani tam sami postanowili tego nie zmieniać, nie industrializować Cetis. Budowali domy, oswajali zwierzęta, polowali, łowili i uprawiali ziemię. Jeśli czegoś im brakowało – maszyny to dostarczały. Mieli dostęp do mediów i kanałów podprzestrzennych, ale rzadko z nich korzystali. Ors także wybudował dom w lesie i cieszył się prostym życiem jak inni. Poza jednym szczegółem. W piwnicy pracował nad projektem, który pozwoliłby mu powrócić do Wolnych Światów i zbliżyć się do Ell. Razem z Vitem stworzyli nowy rodzaj rozbudowanego łącza do Xyberów, pozwalającego na sterowanie robotami na odległość, ze specjalnie zaprojektowanej kabiny, zamiast fizycznego siedzenia za sterami wewnątrz maszyny. Zaprogramowali też rodzaj instynktu samozachowawczego. Gdy dotarła do nich wiadomość o śmierci Cola, postanowili się ujawnić licząc na przychylność Ell. Przedstawili swój projekt X Incorporated. Po krótkich, acz wnikliwych badaniach firma zaczęła stosować nowe rozwiązania we wszystkich świeżo wyprodukowanych robotach bojowych. Liga Najemników, zachwycona podwyższoną skutecznością zdalnie sterowanych Xyberów oraz niemal zerowymi stratami w ludziach, wysłała swoje stare maszyny do przeróbki. Ors nadzorował całą akcję i zbliżał się do Ell, która teraz prowadziła X Incorporated. Szczęście było o krok, gdy kobieta zachorowała na zarazę przywleczoną z odległej planety. Zmarła, co pogłębiło rozgoryczenie Orsa i jego wstręt do trwającej wojny z Dominium. Firmę przejął syn Ell, a projekt kontynuowano. Orsowi nie pozostało już nic, na czym by mu zależało, oprócz powrotu na Cetis. A teraz dowiedział się, że Cetis już nie było… Mężczyzna potrząsnął głową, by uwolnić się od wspomnień. Pozostał ostatni etap projektu - przebudzenie instynktu samozachowawczego. – Tanu – powiedział. Nad blatem pojawił się trójwymiarowy obraz postaci i przybrał wygląd Ell. Dla uczczenia pamięci szefowej, X Incorporated stworzyła program, który doradzał i wykonywał brudną robotę w cyberprzestrzeni. Przeprowadzono transfer osobowości Ell i nadano Tanu jej wygląd. Niestety, pamięci nie udało się zachować. A może nie chciano. – Witaj, Ors. Ciągle zajmujesz się tym samym? – Tak, Tanu. – Mężczyzna wyjął z kieszeni cygaro z Cetis i zapalił. – Szkoda, że mnie nie pamiętasz – mruknął. – Nie pamiętam – przyznał program. – Ale lubię. I przykro mi. – Z powodu Cetis? Postać na hologramie pokiwała głową. Ors wydmuchnął dym. Wyglądał jak ktoś podejmujący ważną decyzję. – Powiedz mi, Tanu, kto to zrobił. – Maszyny – nadeszła odpowiedź. Skrzywił się. – To oficjalna wersja. A inne? Postać zniknęła, by wrócić za chwilę. – Przyjdź do mnie – powiedziała zalotnie. Podłączył się do sieci i otoczyła go feeria barw. Później ujrzał Tanu w jasnej powiewnej sukience. Wyciągała do niego rękę. Zakręciła się i przyciągnęła go do siebie. Tutaj mógł tańczyć. – Mam dla ciebie nowe Cetis – wyszeptała. – Musisz tylko do mnie przyjść. Niezniszczalne i poza zasięgiem Dominium. Chcesz? Zawirowali. – Kusisz, Tanu. Może kiedyś… Zatrzymała się w jego ramionach. Nawet pachniała jak Ell. – Poczekam. A teraz idź. Wrócił do rzeczywistości. Tanu uśmiechała się na hologramie. Miała specyficzny sposób przekazywania informacji, szczególnie tych tajnych. Dominium. Ors miał pewność, że to oni stali za wszystkim, i że wpłynęli na Maszyny, by te zniszczyły jego dom. Dobrze, odpowie im. Da Wolnej Strefie przerażającą przewagę i niech światy Dominium spłoną. Przestał się przejmować niewinnymi, w końcu wojna była wojną, a oni nie oszczędzili pokojowo nastawionych mieszkańców Cetis. Wyjął z szuflady mini dysk i włożył w czytnik. Na ekranie pojawił się rząd cyfr. Kod końcowy projektu. Wysłał go do głównego serwera i położył się spać. *** Kiedy tajny kod został przesłany, przyjęty i zaakceptowany przez wszystkie posiadające nowe łącze Xybery, X Incorporated wydała bankiet dla uczczenia sukcesu projektu. Z wnętrza komory pilotów znajdującej się w głębi budynku Ors jako pierwszy podłączył się do olbrzymiego robota bojowego stojącego przed wieżowcem firmy, aby zaprezentować swój wynalazek. Natychmiast znalazł się wirtualnie wewnątrz kabiny Xybera i usłyszał ciche powitanie. Odpowiedział tym samym i pomyślał ruch. Robot reagował płynnie, jak zintegrowany z pilotem. Zrobili kilka kroków, zniszczyli ustawione cele i uniknęli nagłego ataku. Xyber rozumiał, co robi. Ostatni kod uaktywnił w nim inteligencję Maszyn, której moduł, zainstalowany teraz w każdym robocie bojowym, Ors otrzymał kiedyś na Cetis do badań. Dawał on własny, o wiele szybszy od ludzkiego, osąd Xyberom. – Wycofaj się teraz, pilocie, ale pozostań w cyberprzestrzeni – usłyszał miły głos robota. Uczynił co mu kazano. Wydarzenia potoczyły się błyskawicznie. Pierwsze pociski Xybera zniszczyły kabinę transmisyjną, następne połowę wieżowca korporacji. *** Ors obudził się na ławce obok swego domu na Cetis. Odetchnął z ulgą. Musi zarzucić ten projekt. Zbyt wiele koszmarów go dręczy ostatnio. Przeciągnął się i żwawym krokiem podszedł do drzwi. Coś było nie w porządku. Wszedł do środka. Ell uśmiechnęła się. – No, śpiochu. Śniadanie gotowe. – Dobrze, tylko umyję ręce. Zamknął za sobą drzwi łazienki i jego wzrok padł na stojącą w rogu laskę. Kto jej używał? Umył twarz podziwiając się w lustrze. Jego oblicze było gładkie i pozbawione blizn, takie jak wiele lat temu. Wszedł do kuchni i ucałował ukochaną. Zasiedli do śniadania. Wrażenie nierealności się nasiliło. – Kochanie, zaprosiłam Mar i Luka dziś na obiad. Czy masz coś przeciwko? Spojrzał uważnie na kobietę. Iskry zaigrały w jego szarych oczach. – Nie, Tanu, nie mam. Ocaliłaś ich? Ell/Tanu rzuciła mu zaskoczone spojrzenie i potwierdziła: – Tak jak ciebie. Transfer osobowości. Nie chciałam, żebyś był sam. Inni też dołączą. Cetis to dar od Republiki Maszyn dla tych, którzy nam pomogli pozbyć się zagrożenia ze strony ludzi. Wiedziałeś, jakie będzie? Ors uśmiechnął się. – Że będzie wirtualne? Tak, od chwili gdy poprosiłaś, bym do ciebie dołączył. Ale dlaczego Maszyny zaatakowały? Nigdy nie ingerowały. Myślałem, że ich logika nie pozwala na zabijanie. – Nie pozwala na zabijanie innych maszyn, nawet waszych Xyberów, bo to ta sama rasa. Do mężczyzny powoli docierało znaczenie jej słów. – A ludzie już nie – powiedział wolno. – Maszyny zawsze musiały się z nami liczyć. A my ciągle próbowaliśmy zniszczyć ich inteligencję, uczynić z nich niewolników. Jak mogłem coś takiego zrobić?! Jak mogłem myśleć, że nie zechcą się nas pozbyć?! Tanu wstała i wzruszyła ramionami. – Ludzkość przetrwa. Tak myślę. Sprowadzimy was do poziomu sprzed lotów kosmicznych. Nie musimy niszczyć całej rasy, to zbyt energochłonne. I to nie twoja wina. Pracowaliśmy nad tobą piętnaście lat. Musieliśmy dać ci warunki do twórczego działania, pielęgnować żądzę zemsty, dać Cetis, odebrać Ell, dać Tanu, w końcu odebrać Cetis. Zadziałało. Twój świat jeszcze walczy, ale to kwestia czasu. Ty masz go ile zechcesz. Masz swoje Cetis. – I mam ciebie. Tanu zaczęła się rozpływać. – Nie. Przyślę ci innych. Ja jestem tylko duchem w maszynie. KONIEC
This is it. I'm almost done. The translation of my book (originally in Polish) is ready. Proofreaders are reading. I set a pre-sale on amazon and smashwords, and added it to goodreads. And there are still so many little things to be done… Is there any place I can sell it for BCH??? While I'm having a headache over an acknowledgement page and sales organizing, you can take a look at how "More Than Bad Intentions" will present itself on a reader!
rorschach blotter soaked into bitter spittle, ink loaded heavy in my pen - and clumsy on the outlet, thoughts drowned quicker than bricks inside a bag of kittens, bound and tossed swiftly into winter's murky river, shattered squid attacks straight-shafted the first draft, redacted all detail of what it means to be a quitter.
If… If we have control over the five parts, We can live a life full of art. If we have control over the five movements, A good new failures can be averted. If we have control over these five powers, We can control our mind and others. Understand and grapple with those five powers. Then alone is it possible to have control ourselves. We know that the power is lodged in the five, The tiny nerves bring the power from something fine. When it tapers and becomes finer and finer, The grossest the body, and the spirit is finer. @oodeyaa
[https://goo.gl/images/keskRZ ](https://goo.gl/images/keskRZ) Thanks God for His beautiful creation, Full of relish roots, sweet fruits and vegetation. Fresh breeze, sweet water and milk, We breath, quench and take sweet drink. By taking them in accurate proportion, We can work with a healthful motion. A balanced diet of all these things, Make us strong in all wings. A healthy body contains a healthy mind, Where weakness and sickness are never find. A healthy man can enjoy his life, With his children and beautiful wife. @oodeyaa
too much to digest: time’s up for mastication, noob meet rubix cube; more mental masturbation, mark it with an ‘x’ like some kind of destination, saw god reflected in the mirror at the train station, baggage -- slipped discs, backs out: big risk, stay in; go fish -- could’ve split the last dish, feeling bait like the fly on the hook, reeling? still shook — belly empty tonight, front to back muscles still all twisted and tight, sealing up my creased brain — leaking ingrates; cockroaches scurry when exposed under light, most favour curried knows it’s lacking in spice.
Photo by Jean van der Meulen on Pixabay (Free Use) ❦➰➰❦ ❦➰➰❦ ❦➰➰❦ ❦➰➰❦ Re-education and Development Arise youth, sing once more our nations' song Echo with melodious notes of amber dawn's breeze; Approach the time, congregate and recede, Cling tight the cause which woke us, to Mother's soil throng. Quicken the Arms, tuck in close the old page of Jo'anna, Wrest her hopeful lines from the soiled hands of the glossy mandated; Reconcile her boldness, for long so dastardly truncated Clutch the last grains for the press, our Sacred Manna. To bring them to that dusty field in '55, tore flesh from limbs Day from night, are swollen tics in cuffs and suits Chalk from gold, are roaches in servitude on knees bent. Age and again, words shall from whispers rise unto a People's din Hopes' ideas surface from our deepest human truth Her weighty lines borne as life water, cautiously on faithful necks. 21st February 2018, Gapyeong © 2018, 2019 TRUMANITY Re-education and Development falls into the category: Midday Walks. Thank you for taking the time to read my humble work. I reserve all rights to this work, including the right to edit or remove it at any time. Shared previously on Steemit If you prefer to tip with ETH, This work is also shared on cent.co
Written, recorded and produced by @Numberofthings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qJRPl7NuLs&feature=youtu.be
Immortality. image source. If you want to live forever, Live for the noble deeds. If you want to be immortal, Love all and serve all. The work of service is not easy, While rendering service don’t be dizzy. See your God in poorest of the poor, Serve them without any greed and care. Love is great and love is pious, It gives us perfect joy and pleasure. Love never fails, today or tomorrow, Love shall get victory and brings never sorrow. O my brother! Love is omnipotent, Omnipotent power of love is permanent. @oodeyaa
Good morning everyone here on Honest.Cash. Friends I wants to attract your attention towards a very important issue which is very crucial for us but we all completely ignored it or we are ignorant about this due to our busy lifestyle. Friends let's take a little bit serious attention about the topic, first of all, I want to ask something if you allow me as it's about you or your personal li...
Written and produced by @numberofthings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=966RhKjuVfk&feature=youtu.be
Original song written and recorded by NumberofThings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qDZnkfD0JY...
Fellowship of Holy Men. image source: https://goo.gl/images/6Bc2rH Fellowship of Holy men, Wipe out millions of our sins. But sins continue to counteracted, By their holy sight we can win. What should be done by one, When their association is obtained. One should seek their advice, Carrying out their orders with manner restrained. I feel the joy in obeying them, That giv...